UPDATE, week of 8-13-01

elmoisfurry: die dave die. please visit our sponsors, and go to the Bulletin Board and post something there

davepoobond: hey, if you want to talk to us, try going to chat rooms named “Squackle.” On AIM/AOL buddy chats, I’ll be on there, with the name CashMoneyMoolah or davepoobond. Try and see if we’re there.

stuff updated/put up:

About Us – 3 Poop Troops joined

SongsA Man Named Stan, The Nancy Way Song

PoemsA Man From Peru, Are You a Good Sport?

MoviesDacky Flipbook

StoriesGoopy Blip

The Screwed Up CountryUSA: Ronald McDonald is Dead, USA: School Shootings and Whatever, Australia: Beware of the Dingos

The Screwed Up PeopleEmily Dickinson: Who Emily Dickinson Is, Emily Dickinson: Stuff Emily Dickinson Would Personify, davepoobond: If I Made the Republics of Antartica and the Arctic, davepoobond: The Failures Of davepoobond, davepoobond: Poetic Brainstorming: What I Think When I Hear “Poetry”

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