UPDATE, week of 9-16-01

Blind Bubba: your site sux0rs

elmoisfurry: Wha’s Like Us?!?!? Damn Few And They’re A’ Deid!!!!

stuff updated/put up:

The Screwed Up PeopleMr. C Fat Nuts: What Mr. C Fat Nuts Eats For Lunch and Such, davepoobond: A Letter Home, Nose: A Letter Home, Nose: jkjkjkjkdsbnA DS DGFV NNNNNNVBBNVNN

The Screwed Up TownStupid Notes, Stupid Note, Stupid Note 2, PTA Protest At a School

About Us – 1 Poop Troop joined

Other JunkMind Trick (Or Not), Only in America…

Squackle Quotesdavepoobond

The Screwed Up CountryDestruction of the Twin Towers and Such

Stupid IMsjace man IM, BballSparkle IM

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