UPDATE, week of 9-09-01

elmoisfurry: ………………………u…….BASTARDS!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: Donkmaster is a sell out. I’m gonna make a shrine in his sell out-ednessness honor, make comics about him and humiliate him. Its been about a year since he’s sold out. Please visit our sponsors by the way.

(For those of you who don’t know who donkmaster is, he’s a stupid poop head that used to be a Squackle! member)

stuff updated/put up:

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Chat Room Stuffchat

The Screwed Up TownBlack Out Notice From School

The Screwed Up Peopledavepoobond: Proud About 8th Grade, davepoobond: What a Life!, davepoobond’s sister: The Reasons Why davepoobond’s Sister Wants Her Hair Braided

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