UPDATE, week of 7-08-01

davepoobond: the guy that made the radio lived in a town called Bologna. I bet they had a lot of bologna in Bologna. Start up something on the Bulletin Board. There’s not much there…just visit it and post something. Click on our sponsors too.

stimpyismyname: YELLOW take 1

stuff updated/put up:

Other Junk“You’re So Stupid” Insults, What’s Your Star Wars Name?

JokesGrilled At The Pearly Gates, A Woman’s Wreck, A Lady’s Horse

About Us – a new Squackle! member, Poop Troops started

Squackle Sports ArenaAirplane Soccer Rules, Thunder Butts Rules, Measuring Tape Fencing Rules, EXTREME Kick The Can Rules, Daggermitton: EXTREEME Badmitton! Rules, Board-Walk Rules, Hot Pudding Rules, Telephone Tag Rules, Whack The Flutes Rules, Look At The Kleenex Rules


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