UPDATE 10-5-00

davepoobond:  moo….there is no longer going to be downloads of the week, just a section for downloads, which will be added to everytime we find a thing to put as a download

Stimpyismyname:  QC cards are in production!!

Elmoisfurry:  Ich Bin Eine Esel!

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle Pictures

Squackle Links

Stupid IMs:  kittycat IM, Tips Of Deepness IM, L00K AT MY JUGGz IM, Santa IM, Squall IM, spoom!, Rhydin Private School

The Screwed Up World:  The Ship-Bottle Theory, Microwave Popcorn Theory, Lean Pockets vs Hot Pockets

Other Junk:  The Missing Dollar!

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