UPDATE 2-17-04

Pick of February 17, 2004

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davepoobond: Ok, so I lied last update about updating sometime mid last week.  But I have a bigger than usual update for you to waste time with.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3600 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Questionable Content / MoviesChicago, Hook Hand, Faggy Brando, Give Me a Dollar, PM’s Punchout

Stupid IMsChriscraw IM, Trepidation IM 2, Kaz IM 3, Kaz IM 4, Fire IM, Kemp IM, Blind Bubba IM 19, Fire IM 2

Questionable Content / QC ComicsPaul Sucks, This is Why I Hate School, Walking Home, Weez, Where’s Waldo, Pee Wee, Billy Gets Too Close

PicturesThumb Luke, Bad Santa, Pirate

Squackle ArcadeThe Penis Game, The Hard Penis Game

SongsMotel Mexicana, parody of “Hotel California” by The Eagles

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 142, Bad Submission 143, Bad Submission 144


UPDATE 11-16-03

Pick of November 16, 2003

davepoobond: sorry for the late update. Between college applications, a research essay, and a parent who gets more pissed off at you every single second you’re on the computer, its sort of hard putting things together for an update. When Thanksgiving rolls around, I’ll have more time to update hopefully.

On a side note, one of my favorite web sites, MP3.com, was bought out by CNet. Hopefully the new CNet music service will keep the same services that MP3.com has. If they don’t, this will severely damage the supply of free music. Dec. 2 is the last day that MP3.com will be up, basically.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3250 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Squackle ArcadeCrappy Blackjack

SongsLet There Be Crocks, parody of “Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC

The Screwed Up Games – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA) (Rating: 6/10)

Questionable Content / QC CharactersFantomaster

StoriesGodzilla on a Rampage in Fredburg, Wisconsin – basically a sequel to the first Godzilla on a Rampage

Stupid IMsAKASummers2 IM, Automatic Man IM 5, The Peaman That Is Not a Man IM 2, Blind Bubba IM 14

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 124, Bad Submission 125, Bad Submission 126


UPDATE 4-30-02


davepoobond: but i want soooooup!

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1015 words, 5 new

Stupid IMsHawk Eye IM, Holmes IM 6, JDDPOP IM, WhoaLookAtThis IM, Sleepyhead IM

Squackle ArcadeHangman


UPDATE 3-19-02

Blind Bubba: dave sux cuz he gave me a bad grade. it wasnt even my paper! i copied it!!!

davepoobond: clowns and snow

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 985 words, 5 new

Squackle ArcadeThe Button Game

JokesWhite Guy’s Poetry Lesson

Squackle QuotesThe Internet


UPDATE, week of 1-27-02

davepoobond: hey folks, how’s it going? ::fart:: hope ya like the new server. Its finals week. Yay.

TJ the Almighty: wherever you go, there you are

stuff updated/put up:

Other JunkSquackle! Site Search

Dictionary – 960 words, 15 new

Squackle ArcadeScary Picture Thingy

Other JunkSquackle!’s Upcoming Events, Word Spew

Stupid IMsBerrybud IM 5, davepoobond IM 9


UPDATE, week of 12-23-01

davepoobond: Merry Christmas. Yay. Do something on the Bulletin Board, please

elmoisfurry: dave be dumb! haw haw!! he wus a bad boy and he got spanked by he’s momma and she sayd “dave u bad! no comp fo u!” and grandma bacon sayd “yea! and no bacon!!! oh yea, and mah pahnties be’s on fiyah!!!!!!!!!!!

stuff updated/put up:

PicturesYumzers, Hammock Sisters, bow201, Happiness Angel, Frosty’s Car, Ink Baby!

AnimationsBar O’ Butterflies n’ Hearts, Gift: Fruit Cake, Gift: Stockings, Gift: Sweater

Squackle ArcadeLucky Gopfer

Squackle! Advertisement GallerySquackle! Advertisement 3


UPDATE, week of 5-20-01

davepoobond: blap

stimpyismyname: Squackle may not be funny but – – ::jumps out window:: hehehe!!

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle ArcadeWhat Do You See?

PicturesFunny Monkey, Hostile Galaxy, Guy (Picture from Freakzazoid), Giraffe, Poop Cookies, Happy Poo Poo’s Day, Glop, Gundam Condoms, Heavy Nelly, Violence Jack Off, Lockness Monster, Party, Spring Water, Stupid Bee, Snowman, Sex On a Stick, Sadistic Green Elephants, Space War, Losing, Men, Militant Cows, Never Give Up, Not Mine, Nun, Penguin Jedi, Pissed Kitty, Sliding Polar Bear, Poop Girl, Stupid Cat, The Country, The Milk Men, Tiger Bunny, Understanding Computer Technology, Total Stud, Turnip Face, Yippy Kay Yay, Stoned Yoda

Music Files (MIDIs) – 311, ACDC, Beck, Blink182, Bloodhound Gang


UPDATE, week of 5-13-01

davepoobond: click on our sponsors, sign our guestbook, click on our sponsors, post on the bulletin board, click on our sponsors, and most of all click on our damn sponsors at the bottom of the page! Thank you. Each click makes us closer to getting our own URL.

stuff updated/put up:

Stupid IMsHolmes IM 4, Holmes IM 5, Bread IM

StoriesThe Backpack Without Straps, GODZILLA Rampage in Ida, Michigan, Star Compactor, Panzazz, The Twisted Story of Binobobo and His Demise

PicturesClown & Box, Fire Department’s Revenge, Poopy, Aunt Jemima!, The Banana Splits, Bang10, BEER, Mr. Chubbikins, Freakazoid’s Hands, Garden Gnomes



Squackle ArcadeFind the Black Dot


UPDATE June 20, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  ok…yesterday i didnt do half of what i said…i actually did do more than 50 words in the dictionary, 3 poems, 1 song.  thats it.  today i put 2 words in the dictionary, a story a screwed up town article in “screwed up chronicles” and some more games in the arcade place.  Me and stimpyismyname are making a Trading Card Game called “Questionable Content Cards”  QC Cards for short.  QC cards can help put a stop to Pokemon Cards.  QC Cards will save the world from those devils.


UPDATE June 19, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  heh…there is now about 50 new words on the dictionary.  new pictures in the pictures section submitted from a site dissing squackle that we made…and…some more games in the arcade…a story…2 songs…jokes…and a whole bunch of other stuff..

elmoisfurry:  hi


UPDATE June 10, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  whee….ok….i put some new words up in the dictionary…and….some other stuff…there is going to be a Squackle Arcade that’ll be up fairly soon.  It’ll have a bunch of games on it that you can actually play, if you’ve read everything on the site, or whatever.


UPDATE December 12, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  sometimes stimpyismyname surprises me by adding a new page without telling me….he’s done this more than 4 times already.  So, i linked it.  Its a game that angelfire has.  For some reason, the one on the site, you are invincible.  So, it gets sorta stupid after a while, and i made the table into 2 columns so that it is easier…or somethin…there is a new part of the site called “The Screwed Up Chronicles.” The title might change, but its a bunch of things that are screwed up.  It’ll get bigger as time goes on and we think of more screwed up thingys to put there.  You could say that it’s out political view for some stuff we put there. So…um…..ok bye