UPDATE, week of 12-23-01

davepoobond: Merry Christmas. Yay. Do something on the Bulletin Board, please

elmoisfurry: dave be dumb! haw haw!! he wus a bad boy and he got spanked by he’s momma and she sayd “dave u bad! no comp fo u!” and grandma bacon sayd “yea! and no bacon!!! oh yea, and mah pahnties be’s on fiyah!!!!!!!!!!!

stuff updated/put up:

PicturesYumzers, Hammock Sisters, bow201, Happiness Angel, Frosty’s Car, Ink Baby!

AnimationsBar O’ Butterflies n’ Hearts, Gift: Fruit Cake, Gift: Stockings, Gift: Sweater

Squackle ArcadeLucky Gopfer

Squackle! Advertisement GallerySquackle! Advertisement 3

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