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#10961: blowthetoad -> stimpyismyname

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Dave's Phone Number?

blowthetoad: eh whats dave’s phone number

blowthetoad: me and madmanwithanaxe would love to know it

stimpyismyname: 523 848 0334

stimpyismyname: …oh shit

blowthetoad: are you serious?

stimpyismyname: no

stimpyismyname: dont dial it

blowthetoad: 848 0334 is a bakery in atlanta

blowthetoad: you’ve betrayed me

stimpyismyname: heh

blowthetoad: >:o

blowthetoad: wait…. you did say he worked in a bakery

blowthetoad: does he live in atlanta now?

stimpyismyname: maaaaybe

blowthetoad: maaaaybe not? πŸ™

stimpyismyname: ask for john

blowthetoad: omg it worked

stimpyismyname: cool

stimpyismyname: whatd he say

blowthetoad: “yeah who’s this?”

blowthetoad: and i was like “blowtheto… er… your mom”

blowthetoad: then giggled like a school girl and hung up

stimpyismyname: heh

stimpyismyname: you fool

blowthetoad: fool im not

blowthetoad: you believed me

blowthetoad: πŸ˜‰

stimpyismyname: ah

stimpyismyname: i meant fool for hanging up… but whatever

blowthetoad: you believed me again

blowthetoad: DOUBLE WHAMMY!!!

stimpyismyname: ok..

blowthetoad: i didnt even dial it

blowthetoad: madman did

stimpyismyname: good for you

stimpyismyname: pussy

blowthetoad: i am what i eat

blowthetoad: OOOOH

blowthetoad: I GOT YOU THURR DOGG!

#10892: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad was on a different screen name than he usually used.Β  Not to mention, he was saying he was someone else (another persona, basically) that davepoobond knew. davepoobond didn’t know that “larkin” was blowthetoad at the time.

blowthetoad: …how did you know?

davepoobond: how did i know what

blowthetoad: <larkin

davepoobond: what about him

blowthetoad: i am larkin

davepoobond: oh ok

davepoobond: how did i know what

blowthetoad: that madman knew flash

davepoobond: uhhh

blowthetoad: i’m not making any sence am i?

#10697: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: pood

stimpyismyname: whats my name

stimpyismyname: puddin tane

davepoobond: ehhh

davepoobond: can albert come?

stimpyismyname: yeah

davepoobond: is he gonna forget tho

stimpyismyname: ALBERT

stimpyismyname: im supposed to call him tomorrow

davepoobond: k

davepoobond: i’m putting up 2 pics u made

davepoobond: the one with dacky being hunted

davepoobond: and copkilla clown

stimpyismyname: what about my comics

davepoobond: not yet

stimpyismyname: i like that billboard i made

stimpyismyname: mmmm hmmmmm

stimpyismyname: free fallin

stimpyismyname: and im

stimpyismyname: free fallin

davepoobond: doo bee doo ba doo ba doo baaaa

stimpyismyname: un…beh…..LIEVABLE.

davepoobond: yeah

stimpyismyname: is that from catdog

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: that’s tom lykus

stimpyismyname: unbehlihable!

davepoobond: they make fun of him on catdog i suppose

davepoobond: they do it on kevin and bean sometimes

stimpyismyname: 16 hits today

davepoobond: is that high?

stimpyismyname: not really

stimpyismyname: average

davepoobond: the picture of blowthetoad in a red shirt looks nothing like what he does on his site

stimpyismyname: i know

stimpyismyname: serious

davepoobond: http://www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/myteeth.jpg

stimpyismyname: jesus god

stimpyismyname: why

davepoobond: lol

stimpyismyname: he’s soooooo good with photoshop…

davepoobond: did you see the justin timberlake thing

stimpyismyname: no

davepoobond: look at blowthetoad’s profile

davepoobond: the links in there

stimpyismyname: i don wanna

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: its a collage of justin timberlake pictures

davepoobond: hes such a fag

davepoobond: both of them

stimpyismyname: dam

stimpyismyname: boooring

stimpyismyname: i should finish ltd3

davepoobond: 4

stimpyismyname: how late are you staying up

davepoobond: i dunno

davepoobond: i stay up late, but i’m probably gonna be kicked off soon

stimpyismyname: ill try to finish it tonight

davepoobond: k

stimpyismyname: :-!

davepoobond: we should use the bulletin board things we made for games

stimpyismyname: ?

davepoobond: not the bulletin board

davepoobond: billboard

stimpyismyname: oh

stimpyismyname: did you read what his do?

davepoobond: ?

davepoobond: what his do

stimpyismyname: they go to your site when you click em

stimpyismyname: neato

davepoobond: uhh

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: that’s cool

stimpyismyname: bleh

stimpyismyname: i cant work on it

stimpyismyname: cds messed up

davepoobond: y not

davepoobond: she’s a superfreak-SUPERFREAK

stimpyismyname: shes superfreaky

stimpyismyname: ow! ow ow ow

davepoobond: the kind that you read abouttttt

davepoobond: that girls pretty FREAKYYY

stimpyismyname: http://pub58.ezboard.com/fgamemakercommunityfrm4.showMessage?topicID=3893.topic

davepoobond: heh

stimpyismyname: if you do www.bmgames.tk it makes a popup

stimpyismyname: booo

davepoobond: yeah all .tk does

stimpyismyname: boooo

stimpyismyname: tainted looove

stimpyismyname: wo whoooa whoa

stimpyismyname: bum bum

stimpyismyname: I…

stimpyismyname: i just died in your arms tonight!!

stimpyismyname: da da da rains down in afffrica

stimpyismyname: and theres always somethin there to remind meeeeeeee

stimpyismyname: daund

stimpyismyname: fbduase

stimpyismyname: hb

stimpyismyname: that stupid cd

stimpyismyname: im a firestarter

davepoobond: ?

stimpyismyname: twisted firestarter

stimpyismyname: mmmm

stimpyismyname: oh oh oh ohoh

stimpyismyname: mmm

stimpyismyname: oh oh h ohoh

stimpyismyname: daaaaave im boooored

davepoobond: go to hell then

stimpyismyname: NO

davepoobond: look at the stuff i put on squackle

stimpyismyname: YOU GO TO HELL

stimpyismyname: ASSHOLE

stimpyismyname: AZZHOLE

stimpyismyname: A22HOLE

davepoobond: http://www.sunriseyoga.com/Steven/mugshot.jpg

stimpyismyname: ?

davepoobond: look at it

stimpyismyname: i did

davepoobond: isnt it funny

stimpyismyname: i guess…

davepoobond: k….gonna go…bye

stimpyismyname: whyyyy

davepoobond: tired

davepoobond: mom wants me to get off

stimpyismyname: yeah whateva

stimpyismyname: dnnunununununuununu dununununununun

davepoobond signed off at 9:29:47 PM.

stimpyismyname: and i was talkin to dave then his mom says “get off the computer” and im like yeah whatever

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#10694: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: my url is stil on the site

davepoobond: your url doesn’t GO anywhere

davepoobond: it goes to a blank page

blowthetoad: yeah, it’s blank till it’

blowthetoad: till it’s removed

blowthetoad: so.. can you remove it?

davepoobond: whatever

blowthetoad: i am overjoyed!

blowthetoad: scuse me, gotta go jerk off, bye

blowthetoad signed off at 3:44:35 PM.

#10677: hat toss -> davepoobond

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Who is "hat toss?"

hat toss: for flash movies do you gotta send the .fla file?

hat toss: to submit one

davepoobond: yeah if you want

hat toss: whats another option?

davepoobond: swf

hat toss: ok

hat toss: are you flash movies uploaded as swf?

davepoobond: yes…

hat toss: alright

hat toss: you put three periods at the end, i guess that means that was a no-brainer question :-\

hat toss: How did you pay for your dot com?

davepoobond: why do you care

hat toss: so i know if i paid for mine a decent way

hat toss: i used a money order

davepoobond: how much did you pay for yours

hat toss: like 5 or 6 bucks

davepoobond: that’s fine

hat toss: www.godaddy.com

hat toss: i REGISTERED it at go daddy, thats not my site

davepoobond: what’s your site then

hat toss: i wouldnt be caught dead registering a url like that

hat toss: that’s confidential, till i get billed

davepoobond: i thought you sent a money order

hat toss: (i dont like people looking at the who-is info)

hat toss: no

hat toss: online form

hat toss: did you use a credit card?

davepoobond: why do you care so much

davepoobond: if you pay for it you pay for it

hat toss: oh man

hat toss: that was good

hat toss: have you played ddr?

davepoobond: dungeons and dragons?

davepoobond: diddy kong racing?

hat toss: dance dance revolution, lol

davepoobond: no

hat toss: do you know what it is?

davepoobond: yes

hat toss: i was in a competition, but this FUCKEN asian dude went right before me and he was like… on fire and i just dropped out

davepoobond: too bad

davepoobond: you could’ve been the ddr king

hat toss: he was wearing some visor upside down and sideways with his right pant leg rolled up… you could clearly see that this kid meant business

hat toss: dont you think that’s pretty intimidating?

davepoobond: sure

hat toss: yeah, considering i wore a wife-beater and jeans

hat toss: whats a 6.9? a 69 interupted by a period

davepoobond: i’ve already got that joke on the site…

hat toss: hahaha, i crack myself up

hat toss: oh

hat toss: shit

hat toss: fuck

hat toss: dammit

hat toss: my bad

hat toss: do you accept racist jokes?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: they’re jokes still

hat toss: ok, whats worse than a mexican and a burrito?

davepoobond: but i put it for both sides so it balances out

hat toss: oh, nevermind lol

hat toss: do you have “surenos” where you live?

davepoobond: no..

hat toss: they’re some mexican gang

hat toss: nobody likes them

hat toss: what about bloods and crips?

davepoobond: i dont know, i dont go out asking what kinds of gangs we’ve got here

hat toss: haha

hat toss: by ‘here’, what do you mean?

hat toss: san diego??? hmm hmm hmm

hat toss: santa cruz????????

hat toss: one of those damn s’s

davepoobond: yeah sure, santa cruz

hat toss: thats pretty groovy

hat toss: i live in a place that’s initials are S.F.

hat toss: it has a bridge…..

hat toss: take a guess

davepoobond: san franco?

hat toss: SO CLOSE!!!

davepoobond: san fuckerslivehere

hat toss: san francISCo

hat toss: you almost had it

hat toss: eh fuck, i’ll give you the plus points anyway

davepoobond: what city is that, i never heard of that place

hat toss: seems that either you or your sister went to alcatraz

davepoobond: since when

hat toss: since you put the story up

davepoobond: exactly, its a story

davepoobond: i didnt actually go

hat toss: oh man

hat toss: my life’s ruined

davepoobond: why do you care so much

hat toss: i dont actualy

davepoobond: surreee ya dont

hat toss: ok fine you got me there….

hat toss: did you take the ferry boat?

hat toss: it’s two story

davepoobond: i dont remember, i wrote it in 9th grade

hat toss: we had one of those last year, i talked about tryign to join a gang

davepoobond: great

hat toss: it wasnt really

hat toss: actualy, it was kinda funny

davepoobond: did they shoot you in the arm

hat toss: no, the heart

hat toss: i joined up with a mexican gang,like actualy got the beating and “acceptance” then about 15 minutes after the free weed, i was like “you do realize that i am not mexican, right?”

hat toss: then their eyes glowed red and they attacked me

hat toss: but it was still worth is

hat toss: it*

hat toss: why does the S and the T gotta be SO GOD DAMN CLOSE?!

hat toss: do you keep those stupid notes?

davepoobond: what?

hat toss: screwed up town

hat toss: the notes

davepoobond: no

hat toss: i see

hat toss: how did you think of that name….. Squackle

davepoobond: jo mama gave it to me

hat toss: how did she think of it?

hat toss: THAT BITCH!!!!!!!

hat toss: Donkmaster is a sell out. I’m gonna make a shrine in his sell out-ednessness honor, make comics about him and humiliate him. Its been about a year since he’s sold out.

hat toss: you never got aroudn to that

davepoobond: so what

hat toss: you should make Blow The Toad and donkmaster fight

hat toss: that would be great

davepoobond: i wouldn’t insult donkmaster like that

hat toss: ey??

hat toss: barqoa: to eat batteries with gratitude

hat toss: tappparv: to mean nothing

hat toss: there, two words just for you

#10614: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: you do realise that the shit on my site is copyrighted, and you took it without permission, so i guess i could just take your layout withut permission?

blowthetoad: yeah, this is btt

davepoobond: urr?

blowthetoad: i

blowthetoad: am

blowthetoad: blow

blowthetoad: the

blowthetoad: toad

davepoobond: i was talking about the first thing you said

blowthetoad: ooh

blowthetoad: yeah, copyrighted dude……

blowthetoad: and you copyright it yourself…..

blowthetoad: why dont i just take your layout and copyright it?

davepoobond: well that’s different

davepoobond: i said that the pictures were from your site

blowthetoad: and?

blowthetoad: i never gave you permission to use them

blowthetoad: so then that means i can take the squackle layout and give you credit in some hard-to-find subpage?

davepoobond: i’m probably sending you a lotta traffic there pal

blowthetoad: no, actualy

blowthetoad: i have to problem with the dancing movies, they were funny, but it is still a good thing to ask about

davepoobond: and there’s no law against using something copyrighted in your own way as long as you do something original to it. i’m not taking something directly from your web site and putting it up

davepoobond: i’ve read the copyright laws

davepoobond: so don’t be playing this stuff with me

blowthetoad: ok then, i can take the squackle layout and just change the colors around and draw over dacky?

davepoobond: if you wanted to go ahead

davepoobond: but i dont see why

blowthetoad: what about just take the whole entire layout?

blowthetoad: dont tweak with it at all….

davepoobond: what would you need it for, you can make your own layout

blowthetoad: true

davepoobond: its not that great anyway

blowthetoad: no, it isnt

blowthetoad: you should get a new layout with an iFrame so u dont gotta update the menu every single time u add a new thing

davepoobond: i dont already

blowthetoad: eh?

davepoobond: i use SSI read up on it

davepoobond: you cant use it cause you’re on a free server

blowthetoad: haha, not any more buddy

blowthetoad: 😎

blowthetoad: i host myself

davepoobond: well how about that

blowthetoad: with Apache

davepoobond: good JOB

blowthetoad: well, thank you

blowthetoad: how about this, just take the link to my site off squackle, so if people trying to find my site dont end up going to squackle and seeign the shit

davepoobond: ?

blowthetoad: i mean, i got no prob with the flash movies, i dont care, but i dont want people trying to find my site going to yours

blowthetoad: just take off the text “brandonism” from yout site

blowthetoad: cuz my site’s dealing with digital photography, photoshop, blog, etc.

blowthetoad: just a personal art junkie site

blowthetoad: yours is well……

blowthetoad: not exactly in that category

blowthetoad: this way we will be sure to avoid the wrong viewers going to your site

blowthetoad: well…

davepoobond: but that’s not gonna matter..

blowthetoad: cheah

blowthetoad: www.google.com

davepoobond: i have links to casinos in the links

blowthetoad: search for brandonism

blowthetoad: waaaah?

davepoobond: you can only benefit from a link from squackle

davepoobond: i’m not asking for one back

blowthetoad: …im not asking to be linked

blowthetoad: im just asking for my link to be taken off squackle

blowthetoad: so people trying to find my site, dont stumble onto yours

blowthetoad: well come on, be reasonable

davepoobond: ok fine if you want the url taken off, i’ll take the url off then

blowthetoad: oh joy

#10611: davepoobond -> hat toss

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Who is "hat toss?"

davepoobond: you think you’re so smart

davepoobond: you can’t fool me, yo

hat toss: you said yo

hat toss: no, i dont wanna join Squackle, and no, i do not know Blow The Toad

davepoobond: trying to act like you aren’t blowthetoad, but you are

davepoobond: and i never said anything about you joining squackle

hat toss: how could i be Blow The Toad?

davepoobond: there’s no way in hell that blowthetoad would’ve blocked you

hat toss: well he did

davepoobond: he wouldn’t be annoyed that easily

hat toss: you never know

hat toss: if he is 14 or 15

davepoobond: you stage an IM, because you’re on 2 different sns

hat toss: how

davepoobond: you tell me

hat toss: i cant

davepoobond: sure you can

davepoobond: ever heard of dead AIM

davepoobond: you seem to use it all the time there brandon

hat toss: no i have never heard of dead aim

hat toss: wait

hat toss: i think i have heard of it

davepoobond: NO REALLY

hat toss: and no i am not brandon

davepoobond: young blow brandon the toad

davepoobond: you can’t fool me

hat toss: Hey man, think hat you want

hat toss: i just came accross the site on google cuz my friend Dizeka told me to go there

hat toss: cuz you like pissed him off

davepoobond: dizeka?

hat toss: and to search his name in google

hat toss: yes

hat toss: dizeka

hat toss: type it in

hat toss: right on the top

davepoobond: i didnt even IM him

davepoobond: what are you talkin about

hat toss:

hat toss: “are you potty trained”

davepoobond: yeah i didn’t im him

davepoobond: and guess what

davepoobond: it was a SHE

hat toss: Dizeka isnt a girl man

davepoobond: ok fine

davepoobond: i read the IM now

hat toss:

Syfir: IM dizeka

Syfir: then

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: she left

Syfir: he*

davepoobond: yeah i saw that

hat toss: looks like Syfir corrected you

davepoobond: that’s why i said “ok fine”

hat toss: i get it

davepoobond: ok how am i supposed to know that you’re not blowthetoad

davepoobond: how did i piss him off?

davepoobond: i didn’t even talk to him

hat toss: It doesnt matter to me what you think, i just IMd you to complement your work.

hat toss: he didnt actualy say “pissed me off”

hat toss: more like;

hat toss: “Hey search for my name on the net, some fool tried to mess with me”

hat toss: by tried, i guess he ment Syfir tried to get you to mess with him

davepoobond: heh

hat toss: i dont know

davepoobond: ok, you used complement

davepoobond: that’s kind of a big word for blowthetoad

hat toss: DUde, i’m not Blow The Toad Blower

davepoobond: ok, i’ll believe you for now then

hat toss: OK thats fine

davepoobond: i cant help being cautious, that fool has a million sns he can go on at anytime

hat toss: lmao

davepoobond: he can be on like 3 at the same time

hat toss: I feel your pain

hat toss: i did actualy know one way to be on two sns at a time

hat toss: www.aim.com

hat toss: that aim express

hat toss: but you can tell

hat toss: by hoovering over the name and it only lets them chat

At the time, I was probably thinking it wasn’t him, but its obvious it was.

#10610: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Who is "hat toss?"

Later on, after #10609…

blowthetoad: hey are you on the screen name “HAT TOSS”?

blowthetoad: just be honest

davepoobond: no

blowthetoad: ok

davepoobond: why the hell would i be on that

davepoobond: i’m on this one

blowthetoad: to bother me

blowthetoad: dude, im past the squackle stage

davepoobond: that’s impossible, i’m on this one

blowthetoad: no, it’s possible

davepoobond: how

blowthetoad: how should i know?

davepoobond: i dunno, you’re the one assuming it was me

blowthetoad: im too busy jackin off and looking at squackle

davepoobond: unh hunh

#10609: hat toss -> blowthetoad

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Who is "hat toss?"

blowthetoad pretended to be another character named “hat toss.” He pretended to have a conversation with himself to fool me into thinking that he was a different person. These are the series of chat logs regarding the “hat toss” “arc” in blowthetoad’s antics.

hat toss: hey tom

blowthetoad: me=not tom

hat toss: oh shit

blowthetoad: yeah

hat toss: sorry bra

hat toss: i thought you was tom

blowthetoad: well im not

blowthetoad: now bye

hat toss: who says i am leaving?

blowthetoad: ugh, just… go away

hat toss: only if you tell me where tom is

blowthetoad: dude,that’s blackmale

hat toss: so now you’re gay and RACIST?

blowthetoad: no… look up blackmale in the dictionary

hat toss: tom has my dictionary, tell me where tom is and then i will

blowthetoad: dude, eat shit

hat toss: no way you faggot

hat toss: >:o

blowthetoad: uh..

hat toss: yeah

blowthetoad: you think you’re so cool dont you?

blowthetoad: DONT YOU?!

hat toss: i do think i can be pretty groovy at some times

hat toss: if i do say so myself

blowthetoad: ok im done with you

hat toss: but im just starting

blowthetoad: bye

hat toss: AAAH

Previous message was not received by blowthetoad because of error: User blowthetoad is not available.

#10596: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: michael jackson is a white n*gger, what does that make you?

davepoobond: your mom

davepoobond: oh HOOOO

davepoobond: got you there.

blowthetoad: oh man

blowthetoad: that was harsh

blowthetoad: :-[

blowthetoad: i can play his beats on a bass, so uh…… wipe my ass

davepoobond: so what

davepoobond: that’s simple

blowthetoad: so i can play bass better than you

blowthetoad: and your mom

davepoobond: unh hunh..

blowthetoad: 😎

blowthetoad: man….. i can even play the friggin’ pokemon theme song on bass

davepoobond: can you play metallica?

davepoobond: thought not

blowthetoad: yes

davepoobond: sure sure

blowthetoad: yes i can

blowthetoad: slowly……

davepoobond: unhh hunnhhhh

blowthetoad: but i can

blowthetoad: i play battery inc

davepoobond: that’s pretty sad that you bought a bass just because i do

blowthetoad: no

blowthetoad: ive had it

blowthetoad: since i was what, 12?

davepoobond: sure ya did

blowthetoad: does your mom lean her head sideways when she eats a hamburger?

blowthetoad: and then the patty falls out the other end and blames you for it

blowthetoad: haha

davepoobond: no, she’s not like your mom. everyone doesnt have to be like someone in your family

blowthetoad: atleast i can play master of puppets

blowthetoad: booyeah

davepoobond: at least i can play pretty fly for a white guy

blowthetoad: at least i can play ice ice baby

blowthetoad: no man, that has good beats

davepoobond: i can do that 10folds better than you

blowthetoad: the guitar beta in the back is sick

blowthetoad: you dont even know what a fold is

davepoobond: yeah i do

blowthetoad: regardless, let a lone the number 10

blowthetoad: whats a fold smarty

blowthetoad: mcfarty

davepoobond: times

blowthetoad: Smarty McFarty

blowthetoad: haha

davepoobond: idiot

blowthetoad: i made a funny 😎

blowthetoad: i play slow songs fast

davepoobond: i’m done talking to you blowthetoad

davepoobond: so go away

blowthetoad: ok, i am not blow the fucking toad

davepoobond: sure you are

blowthetoad: im past that stage

davepoobond: unh hunh

blowthetoad: waaaaaaaaay past it

davepoobond: sure ya are

blowthetoad: like, past XKP’S POKEMON PAGE

blowthetoad: member that shit yo?

blowthetoad: it was PHAT

davepoobond: dont need to

blowthetoad: i just like the gamebody games

blowthetoad: the old ones

blowthetoad: other than the show, cards, comics, and the merchandise, pokΓ©mon is really gay

blowthetoad: hey, i got more talent in html for your information

davepoobond: i bet you have sex with the pikachu oversized cards, what are you talking about

blowthetoad: www.brandonism.tk

blowthetoad: not sex man…… LOVE

davepoobond: is that you on all the pictures

blowthetoad: =-O! you are pretty smart

blowthetoad: just check out my dog man….

blowthetoad: and my room

blowthetoad: WITH NO TV!!

blowthetoad: πŸ™

blowthetoad: check out ‘myteeth.jpg’

blowthetoad: just got my braces off

blowthetoad: AND YOU CAN SEE MY FACE

blowthetoad: god dammit

blowthetoad: hey, im good at photoshop

blowthetoad: if you need photoshop skills…….

blowthetoad: come to me

blowthetoad: brandon harris

blowthetoad: not blowthetoad

blowthetoad: now when i go back to squackle i see how stupid i looked

blowthetoad: when i was 12

davepoobond: hallelujah, its an epiphany

davepoobond: make a flash card outta that

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: click that when i say so

blowthetoad: sure its justin timberlake, but i made it for my girlfriend and it looks good

blowthetoad: its a background

blowthetoad: for the 1024×768 resolutions

blowthetoad: its still uploading

blowthetoad: dont click it yet

blowthetoad: <—-56k

blowthetoad: ok click it

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: my g/f likes it, you will too

blowthetoad: i think

blowthetoad: pretend it’s peewee herman, not justin timberlake

blowthetoad: its not him, its the skills

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: rate it

davepoobond: ur page shut down foo

blowthetoad: 1-10

blowthetoad: what

blowthetoad wants to directly connect.

blowthetoad: aim is more reliable

davepoobond declines request; no connection was made.

blowthetoad: argh

davepoobond: its ok

davepoobond: i saw it

blowthetoad: alright

blowthetoad: what do you think

davepoobond: “why the hell would you make it” comes to mind

blowthetoad: well, mainly because i was extremely bored, and it was a request

davepoobond: when i’m bored i go to sleep, i dont make a collage of justin timberlake

blowthetoad: LOL

blowthetoad: that’s true………….

blowthetoad: but my girlfriend requested it man

blowthetoad: im not gonna fart in her face and go to bed

blowthetoad: but i wasnt tired, and it helps my portfolio

blowthetoad: maybe some gay single parent may want to pay me to make a collage of stone phillips….. who knows, he has money

blowthetoad: where did you register squackle.com?

#10585: HardcoreNothing2 -> davepoobond

HardcoreNothing2: moo cow like me smell

davepoobond: hi

HardcoreNothing2: chessy croup

HardcoreNothing2: I almost forgot about, (he links to some virus site)

HardcoreNothing2: hi

davepoobond: hi

HardcoreNothing2: group*

HardcoreNothing2: are you stupider then um…squirrels on crack

davepoobond: why

HardcoreNothing2: just wondering

HardcoreNothing2: cause the garden gnomes told me you were

HardcoreNothing2: and so did the gay little penguins runnin around in my house

davepoobond: great

HardcoreNothing2: hey you dont find me amusing

HardcoreNothing2: fine then

HardcoreNothing2: dot put this conversaion on your site

HardcoreNothing2: mr squacle dot com

davepoobond: why not

davepoobond: its pretty stupid

davepoobond: and you are too

davepoobond: har har

HardcoreNothing2: i know im stupid you cheese face

davepoobond: ohhh burnnn

HardcoreNothing2: <3 )~~~~ thats a mouse

davepoobond: great

HardcoreNothing2: you big granola doorknob

HardcoreNothing2: you should go kiss a miss with a diss and the hiss at the blyss thatkills your wrist

This was probably blowthetoad, but I have no idea, really.