#10961: blowthetoad -> stimpyismyname

blowthetoad: eh whats dave’s phone number

blowthetoad: me and madmanwithanaxe would love to know it

stimpyismyname: 523 848 0334

stimpyismyname: …oh shit

blowthetoad: are you serious?

stimpyismyname: no

stimpyismyname: dont dial it

blowthetoad: 848 0334 is a bakery in atlanta

blowthetoad: you’ve betrayed me

stimpyismyname: heh

blowthetoad: >:o

blowthetoad: wait…. you did say he worked in a bakery

blowthetoad: does he live in atlanta now?

stimpyismyname: maaaaybe

blowthetoad: maaaaybe not? 🙁

stimpyismyname: ask for john

blowthetoad: omg it worked

stimpyismyname: cool

stimpyismyname: whatd he say

blowthetoad: “yeah who’s this?”

blowthetoad: and i was like “blowtheto… er… your mom”

blowthetoad: then giggled like a school girl and hung up

stimpyismyname: heh

stimpyismyname: you fool

blowthetoad: fool im not

blowthetoad: you believed me

blowthetoad: 😉

stimpyismyname: ah

stimpyismyname: i meant fool for hanging up… but whatever

blowthetoad: you believed me again

blowthetoad: DOUBLE WHAMMY!!!

stimpyismyname: ok..

blowthetoad: i didnt even dial it

blowthetoad: madman did

stimpyismyname: good for you

stimpyismyname: pussy

blowthetoad: i am what i eat

blowthetoad: OOOOH

blowthetoad: I GOT YOU THURR DOGG!

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