#10596: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: michael jackson is a white n*gger, what does that make you?

davepoobond: your mom

davepoobond: oh HOOOO

davepoobond: got you there.

blowthetoad: oh man

blowthetoad: that was harsh

blowthetoad: :-[

blowthetoad: i can play his beats on a bass, so uh…… wipe my ass

davepoobond: so what

davepoobond: that’s simple

blowthetoad: so i can play bass better than you

blowthetoad: and your mom

davepoobond: unh hunh..

blowthetoad: 😎

blowthetoad: man….. i can even play the friggin’ pokemon theme song on bass

davepoobond: can you play metallica?

davepoobond: thought not

blowthetoad: yes

davepoobond: sure sure

blowthetoad: yes i can

blowthetoad: slowly……

davepoobond: unhh hunnhhhh

blowthetoad: but i can

blowthetoad: i play battery inc

davepoobond: that’s pretty sad that you bought a bass just because i do

blowthetoad: no

blowthetoad: ive had it

blowthetoad: since i was what, 12?

davepoobond: sure ya did

blowthetoad: does your mom lean her head sideways when she eats a hamburger?

blowthetoad: and then the patty falls out the other end and blames you for it

blowthetoad: haha

davepoobond: no, she’s not like your mom. everyone doesnt have to be like someone in your family

blowthetoad: atleast i can play master of puppets

blowthetoad: booyeah

davepoobond: at least i can play pretty fly for a white guy

blowthetoad: at least i can play ice ice baby

blowthetoad: no man, that has good beats

davepoobond: i can do that 10folds better than you

blowthetoad: the guitar beta in the back is sick

blowthetoad: you dont even know what a fold is

davepoobond: yeah i do

blowthetoad: regardless, let a lone the number 10

blowthetoad: whats a fold smarty

blowthetoad: mcfarty

davepoobond: times

blowthetoad: Smarty McFarty

blowthetoad: haha

davepoobond: idiot

blowthetoad: i made a funny 😎

blowthetoad: i play slow songs fast

davepoobond: i’m done talking to you blowthetoad

davepoobond: so go away

blowthetoad: ok, i am not blow the fucking toad

davepoobond: sure you are

blowthetoad: im past that stage

davepoobond: unh hunh

blowthetoad: waaaaaaaaay past it

davepoobond: sure ya are

blowthetoad: like, past XKP’S POKEMON PAGE

blowthetoad: member that shit yo?

blowthetoad: it was PHAT

davepoobond: dont need to

blowthetoad: i just like the gamebody games

blowthetoad: the old ones

blowthetoad: other than the show, cards, comics, and the merchandise, pokémon is really gay

blowthetoad: hey, i got more talent in html for your information

davepoobond: i bet you have sex with the pikachu oversized cards, what are you talking about

blowthetoad: www.brandonism.tk

blowthetoad: not sex man…… LOVE

davepoobond: is that you on all the pictures

blowthetoad: =-O! you are pretty smart

blowthetoad: just check out my dog man….

blowthetoad: and my room

blowthetoad: WITH NO TV!!

blowthetoad: 🙁

blowthetoad: check out ‘myteeth.jpg’

blowthetoad: just got my braces off

blowthetoad: AND YOU CAN SEE MY FACE

blowthetoad: god dammit

blowthetoad: hey, im good at photoshop

blowthetoad: if you need photoshop skills…….

blowthetoad: come to me

blowthetoad: brandon harris

blowthetoad: not blowthetoad

blowthetoad: now when i go back to squackle i see how stupid i looked

blowthetoad: when i was 12

davepoobond: hallelujah, its an epiphany

davepoobond: make a flash card outta that

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: click that when i say so

blowthetoad: sure its justin timberlake, but i made it for my girlfriend and it looks good

blowthetoad: its a background

blowthetoad: for the 1024×768 resolutions

blowthetoad: its still uploading

blowthetoad: dont click it yet

blowthetoad: <—-56k

blowthetoad: ok click it

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: my g/f likes it, you will too

blowthetoad: i think

blowthetoad: pretend it’s peewee herman, not justin timberlake

blowthetoad: its not him, its the skills

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: www.geocities.com/bism28/pics/jtbg.jpg

blowthetoad: rate it

davepoobond: ur page shut down foo

blowthetoad: 1-10

blowthetoad: what

blowthetoad wants to directly connect.

blowthetoad: aim is more reliable

davepoobond declines request; no connection was made.

blowthetoad: argh

davepoobond: its ok

davepoobond: i saw it

blowthetoad: alright

blowthetoad: what do you think

davepoobond: “why the hell would you make it” comes to mind

blowthetoad: well, mainly because i was extremely bored, and it was a request

davepoobond: when i’m bored i go to sleep, i dont make a collage of justin timberlake

blowthetoad: LOL

blowthetoad: that’s true………….

blowthetoad: but my girlfriend requested it man

blowthetoad: im not gonna fart in her face and go to bed

blowthetoad: but i wasnt tired, and it helps my portfolio

blowthetoad: maybe some gay single parent may want to pay me to make a collage of stone phillips….. who knows, he has money

blowthetoad: where did you register squackle.com?

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