#10585: HardcoreNothing2 -> davepoobond

HardcoreNothing2: moo cow like me smell

davepoobond: hi

HardcoreNothing2: chessy croup

HardcoreNothing2: I almost forgot about, (he links to some virus site)

HardcoreNothing2: hi

davepoobond: hi

HardcoreNothing2: group*

HardcoreNothing2: are you stupider then um…squirrels on crack

davepoobond: why

HardcoreNothing2: just wondering

HardcoreNothing2: cause the garden gnomes told me you were

HardcoreNothing2: and so did the gay little penguins runnin around in my house

davepoobond: great

HardcoreNothing2: hey you dont find me amusing

HardcoreNothing2: fine then

HardcoreNothing2: dot put this conversaion on your site

HardcoreNothing2: mr squacle dot com

davepoobond: why not

davepoobond: its pretty stupid

davepoobond: and you are too

davepoobond: har har

HardcoreNothing2: i know im stupid you cheese face

davepoobond: ohhh burnnn

HardcoreNothing2: <3 )~~~~ thats a mouse

davepoobond: great

HardcoreNothing2: you big granola doorknob

HardcoreNothing2: you should go kiss a miss with a diss and the hiss at the blyss thatkills your wrist

This was probably blowthetoad, but I have no idea, really.

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