#10586: CapnChubby -> davepoobond

CapnChubby: hahahhahhahahah hello kitty is japajanaesese

davepoobond: yeah..

CapnChubby: it rhymes with chinese

CapnChubby: like chinese food

CapnChubby: from the dollar store

CapnChubby: i bought it

CapnChubby: it was

CapnChubby: ummm

CapnChubby: a dollar

davepoobond: heh

CapnChubby: i think

CapnChubby: with the economics all screwed up, the dollar stores will either gain a lot of money because of low affordable prices, or go out of business because of lack of funding and high prices from inflation

CapnChubby: but they also have hair dye which surprised me and made me want to be a goth again

davepoobond: heh

End of IMs5.

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