#10609: hat toss -> blowthetoad

blowthetoad pretended to be another character named “hat toss.” He pretended to have a conversation with himself to fool me into thinking that he was a different person. These are the series of chat logs regarding the “hat toss” “arc” in blowthetoad’s antics.

hat toss: hey tom

blowthetoad: me=not tom

hat toss: oh shit

blowthetoad: yeah

hat toss: sorry bra

hat toss: i thought you was tom

blowthetoad: well im not

blowthetoad: now bye

hat toss: who says i am leaving?

blowthetoad: ugh, just… go away

hat toss: only if you tell me where tom is

blowthetoad: dude,that’s blackmale

hat toss: so now you’re gay and RACIST?

blowthetoad: no… look up blackmale in the dictionary

hat toss: tom has my dictionary, tell me where tom is and then i will

blowthetoad: dude, eat shit

hat toss: no way you faggot

hat toss: >:o

blowthetoad: uh..

hat toss: yeah

blowthetoad: you think you’re so cool dont you?

blowthetoad: DONT YOU?!

hat toss: i do think i can be pretty groovy at some times

hat toss: if i do say so myself

blowthetoad: ok im done with you

hat toss: but im just starting

blowthetoad: bye

hat toss: AAAH

Previous message was not received by blowthetoad because of error: User blowthetoad is not available.

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