#10611: davepoobond -> hat toss

davepoobond: you think you’re so smart

davepoobond: you can’t fool me, yo

hat toss: you said yo

hat toss: no, i dont wanna join Squackle, and no, i do not know Blow The Toad

davepoobond: trying to act like you aren’t blowthetoad, but you are

davepoobond: and i never said anything about you joining squackle

hat toss: how could i be Blow The Toad?

davepoobond: there’s no way in hell that blowthetoad would’ve blocked you

hat toss: well he did

davepoobond: he wouldn’t be annoyed that easily

hat toss: you never know

hat toss: if he is 14 or 15

davepoobond: you stage an IM, because you’re on 2 different sns

hat toss: how

davepoobond: you tell me

hat toss: i cant

davepoobond: sure you can

davepoobond: ever heard of dead AIM

davepoobond: you seem to use it all the time there brandon

hat toss: no i have never heard of dead aim

hat toss: wait

hat toss: i think i have heard of it

davepoobond: NO REALLY

hat toss: and no i am not brandon

davepoobond: young blow brandon the toad

davepoobond: you can’t fool me

hat toss: Hey man, think hat you want

hat toss: i just came accross the site on google cuz my friend Dizeka told me to go there

hat toss: cuz you like pissed him off

davepoobond: dizeka?

hat toss: and to search his name in google

hat toss: yes

hat toss: dizeka

hat toss: type it in

hat toss: right on the top

davepoobond: i didnt even IM him

davepoobond: what are you talkin about

hat toss:

hat toss: “are you potty trained”

davepoobond: yeah i didn’t im him

davepoobond: and guess what

davepoobond: it was a SHE

hat toss: Dizeka isnt a girl man

davepoobond: ok fine

davepoobond: i read the IM now

hat toss:

Syfir: IM dizeka

Syfir: then

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: she left

Syfir: he*

davepoobond: yeah i saw that

hat toss: looks like Syfir corrected you

davepoobond: that’s why i said “ok fine”

hat toss: i get it

davepoobond: ok how am i supposed to know that you’re not blowthetoad

davepoobond: how did i piss him off?

davepoobond: i didn’t even talk to him

hat toss: It doesnt matter to me what you think, i just IMd you to complement your work.

hat toss: he didnt actualy say “pissed me off”

hat toss: more like;

hat toss: “Hey search for my name on the net, some fool tried to mess with me”

hat toss: by tried, i guess he ment Syfir tried to get you to mess with him

davepoobond: heh

hat toss: i dont know

davepoobond: ok, you used complement

davepoobond: that’s kind of a big word for blowthetoad

hat toss: DUde, i’m not Blow The Toad Blower

davepoobond: ok, i’ll believe you for now then

hat toss: OK thats fine

davepoobond: i cant help being cautious, that fool has a million sns he can go on at anytime

hat toss: lmao

davepoobond: he can be on like 3 at the same time

hat toss: I feel your pain

hat toss: i did actualy know one way to be on two sns at a time

hat toss: www.aim.com

hat toss: that aim express

hat toss: but you can tell

hat toss: by hoovering over the name and it only lets them chat

At the time, I was probably thinking it wasn’t him, but its obvious it was.

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