#10614: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: you do realise that the shit on my site is copyrighted, and you took it without permission, so i guess i could just take your layout withut permission?

blowthetoad: yeah, this is btt

davepoobond: urr?

blowthetoad: i

blowthetoad: am

blowthetoad: blow

blowthetoad: the

blowthetoad: toad

davepoobond: i was talking about the first thing you said

blowthetoad: ooh

blowthetoad: yeah, copyrighted dude……

blowthetoad: and you copyright it yourself…..

blowthetoad: why dont i just take your layout and copyright it?

davepoobond: well that’s different

davepoobond: i said that the pictures were from your site

blowthetoad: and?

blowthetoad: i never gave you permission to use them

blowthetoad: so then that means i can take the squackle layout and give you credit in some hard-to-find subpage?

davepoobond: i’m probably sending you a lotta traffic there pal

blowthetoad: no, actualy

blowthetoad: i have to problem with the dancing movies, they were funny, but it is still a good thing to ask about

davepoobond: and there’s no law against using something copyrighted in your own way as long as you do something original to it. i’m not taking something directly from your web site and putting it up

davepoobond: i’ve read the copyright laws

davepoobond: so don’t be playing this stuff with me

blowthetoad: ok then, i can take the squackle layout and just change the colors around and draw over dacky?

davepoobond: if you wanted to go ahead

davepoobond: but i dont see why

blowthetoad: what about just take the whole entire layout?

blowthetoad: dont tweak with it at all….

davepoobond: what would you need it for, you can make your own layout

blowthetoad: true

davepoobond: its not that great anyway

blowthetoad: no, it isnt

blowthetoad: you should get a new layout with an iFrame so u dont gotta update the menu every single time u add a new thing

davepoobond: i dont already

blowthetoad: eh?

davepoobond: i use SSI read up on it

davepoobond: you cant use it cause you’re on a free server

blowthetoad: haha, not any more buddy

blowthetoad: 😎

blowthetoad: i host myself

davepoobond: well how about that

blowthetoad: with Apache

davepoobond: good JOB

blowthetoad: well, thank you

blowthetoad: how about this, just take the link to my site off squackle, so if people trying to find my site dont end up going to squackle and seeign the shit

davepoobond: ?

blowthetoad: i mean, i got no prob with the flash movies, i dont care, but i dont want people trying to find my site going to yours

blowthetoad: just take off the text “brandonism” from yout site

blowthetoad: cuz my site’s dealing with digital photography, photoshop, blog, etc.

blowthetoad: just a personal art junkie site

blowthetoad: yours is well……

blowthetoad: not exactly in that category

blowthetoad: this way we will be sure to avoid the wrong viewers going to your site

blowthetoad: well…

davepoobond: but that’s not gonna matter..

blowthetoad: cheah

blowthetoad: www.google.com

davepoobond: i have links to casinos in the links

blowthetoad: search for brandonism

blowthetoad: waaaah?

davepoobond: you can only benefit from a link from squackle

davepoobond: i’m not asking for one back

blowthetoad: …im not asking to be linked

blowthetoad: im just asking for my link to be taken off squackle

blowthetoad: so people trying to find my site, dont stumble onto yours

blowthetoad: well come on, be reasonable

davepoobond: ok fine if you want the url taken off, i’ll take the url off then

blowthetoad: oh joy

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