UPDATE, week of 4-29-01

davepoobond: what can i say? its an update…umm…click on the sponsors that are at the bottom of the page…thats all…

stimpyismyname: read Squackle!’s stories because they’re the good part of Squackle!

stuff updated/put up:

Stupid IMsmonkeytutu IM, davepoobond IM 4, Vegaa IM, YoursTruly IM, Shadoe IM, bensair IM, Raze IM, Crest kid IM, Holmes IM 3, *** You are in “poo”. *** IMs, JENtle touch 69 IM

PoemsThe Ice Cream Poem

Chat Room Stuffcheerleading tryouts, TA H00TERs bar, RhyDin Night Club, ToAT Recruiting Hall, ToAT Recruiting Hall 2, Phoenix Dragon Inn, “Segments”, Outlaw Bar Hideout

Squackle QuotesMisc. Quotes, Nose

Other JunkInteresting Facts

SBCSBC News 1st Broadcast

Animations398, Chicken Dance


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