UPDATE June 19, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  heh…there is now about 50 new words on the dictionary.  new pictures in the pictures section submitted from a site dissing squackle that we made…and…some more games in the arcade…a story…2 songs…jokes…and a whole bunch of other stuff..

elmoisfurry:  hi


UPDATE June 10, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  whee….ok….i put some new words up in the dictionary…and….some other stuff…there is going to be a Squackle Arcade that’ll be up fairly soon.  It’ll have a bunch of games on it that you can actually play, if you’ve read everything on the site, or whatever.


UPDATE June 9, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  fart………

donkmaster:  i finally gave something to put up on the site!  its a song called “Pretty Sun.”  There are also new quotes from squackle on Squackle Quotes, a bunch of new words in the dictionary, and 2 new stories and also a link to a Sanity Test in the Links section.    


Squackle Guestbook #20436

🙂 🙂 20/May/2000:11:11:52
I believe that this site is a hazard to the health of the public. it
is a homosexual site. davepoobond blows goats for quarters. stimpster
blows cows for a dollar. they blow each other for free. this site
should be closed down immediately.

Squackle Guestbook #20435

IMCornholio 09/May/2000:20:38:45
I am cornholio. I need TP for my Bunghole. Bunghole. Bunghole. Are you
threatening me?! Threaten the great Cornholio? What a Bunghole!
Bunghole. Bungholio. Whoa. That was pretty cool! Hey butthead! Check
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