UPDATE February 3, 2000

dAvE bOnD: I put up the 1st Episode of a new TV show called Tyson and Friends. It’s about a bunch of boxers that live in the same house. I think its pretty good for a 1st Episode.

Nose: I’ll be writing a story pretty soon, and we’re working on a quiz.


UPDATE January 30, 2000

dAvE bOnD: whee! its super bowl day, and i got a threating phone call from some of dem mutha ****ing popular bastards. Remember kids, dont mess with popular people…until they ****ing mess with you!!!! AARRGGHH!!!! I’m gonna kick there ***es. Wish me luck…if you want…i gonna need it when they gonna try and beat me up….well here’s an update from some other people…

Nose: poop shaloop shama lama ding dong

Donkmaster: ooga booga pizza hut

Note: this isnt really an update…we dont have anything to put on and we’re extremely board, so we put it up…


UPDATE January 29, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I put up 2 songs by Ice Monkey.  Super Bowl is tomarrow…um…yeah.  Vote on the poll.  Sign the guestbook.  Click on the sponsors.  Tell elmoisfurry what your favorite CDs are so that we can make Squackle’z Greatest Hits.  Ok, that’s all right now…