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Katie aka RaevenAnge ~*RaevenAngel’s Never Never Land*~ 10/Dec/2000:23:45:54
I really like this site for some reason. All the juvenile humor
tickles my funny bone. I’m not insulting anyone I hope. I can’t
believe I’m up for the Squackle Award, I mean, I’m so proud of my
lameness…I think all my friends might be too. Well, I’m going to go
now, but I leave you with this warning: Watch out for the rabid
muffins! They’re hazardous to your health!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Squackle Guestbook #20449

  1. Does anybody else in here absolutely hate the wanna-be emo band “Fall Out Boy”? They fucking suck shit!!! Their “music” sounds like a combination between a gonnoreah-infected asshole and a syphillitic vagina, the guitars sound like a wet pussy fart, and Patrick Stump (l.o.l.) looks, sings and smells like a drunken monkey who’s taken it up the ‘ole shitpipe one too many times.. And don’t even get me started on that little faggot-holed assfuck named Pete Wentz – Prancing around the stage like a fairy, posing and pretending to play his bass, with his greasy hair plastered to one side of his head like he’d just been the recipient of a golden shower.. Hahahaha.. What a fag.. I heard that Petey Boy likes to drink huge, frothing bowls of his own gooey diarreah and then regurgitate it back into his mother’s mouth while they’re playing a game of tonsil-hockey afterwards.. He then likes to wash it down with a glass of fresh urine.

  2. I agree that Fall Out Boy sucks really bad. I also heard that Pete Wentz likes to roll his shit into little balls and then eat them.. He also likes to suck black cocks when he’s high.

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