socacilnacilcaso – n. the mixture of feelings you get when you realize that there is absolutely no toilet paper for you to wipe your ass with — and you’ve already sat down and let loose.  It is a three stage process.

Stage 1 – Astonishment and/or Surprise

Stage 2 – Realization, Reflection, Accusations, and/or Paranoia about conspiracy to remove the toilet paper from the bathroom.

Stage 3 – Resolution and/or Dirty ass


T-bone slap

T-bone slap – n. a type of slap where you take a T-bone steak and slap them in the face

;} v. to slap someone with the tip of your penis, with a forward motion as to blindside them.  Kind of like a car crash but with a penis and a face.

;} n. the act of slapping someone with the tip of your penis in a forward motion, as to blindside them.