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Dream #25786

I had a dream about a party at my parent’s house with tons of random “family” members, even dead ones.

Melissa Joan Hart was there and she knew me and waved.  A pair of twin brothers named Eddie and Edik I hadn’t met before were also there.

There was some sort of evaluation sheet that allowed me to jump back and forth to see their degradation in smartness or something and if they changed over time, it would give a status about them.

In the family room, I wanted wine but my mom would keep pouring watered-down sparkling water and then pour some wine afterwards, despite not wanting that.  I finally took the wine myself and then left to go to another room.

In the other room was a room full of young hipster-type people.  I was done with my “family” and decided to go into the next room with those people.  They were all huddled around the couch playing some board game, and there was about 15 to 20 of them and not all of them were playing.  They all looked at me but didn’t know who I was.  I said “Hi, my name is Dave and I’m an alcoholic” as a joke, but they thought I was serious and asked if I was an alcoholic.

I remember something about “The Mayor” (not a real person) showing up at the party and then all of a sudden there were gun shots or something like that, someone was trying to kill him or me, I don’t know.  I woke up at that point.

Edgar Allen Poe SUCKS

I think I wrote this in 10th grade.

Edgar Allen Poe SUCKS.

Very much so.

When I was writing this, I was sitting through my English class listening to a guy on a tape reading the story “The House of Usher” …which is complete and total crap! I hate how he writes his stories and poems.

The stories have too much description or something. There seems to be sentences within sentences within sentences, and it seems like they’re all fancy words put together to they make each other more fancy, and then there is no real story it seems.

Ooooh. The end of all his stories are so scary…you’re expected to get scared with “-she was dead,” like at the end of “The Oval Portrait”

Ooh. Scary. Dumb. “Never more?” Oooh. Scary.


Quote #22368

As part of an experiment, KyleBurn, who is davepoobond’s and Quesogrande’s roommate was supposed to dehydrate himself.  KyleBurn was complaining all day about it and Quesogrande came home from work after a good hour or so of KyleBurn’s complaining.  Quesogrande didn’t know anything about the experiment or about the complaining KyleBurn had been doing.

Later, on the couch, Quesogrande, davepoobond, and KyleBurn are all in the living room.


Quesogrande looked at KyleBurn for a couple seconds.

Quesogrande: “Why can’t you have water?  There’s water in the sink!”

KyleBurn gets pissed, and davepoobond laughs for five minutes straight.

– at davepoobond’s house.

Quote #22161

Joe and Je’von are in different rooms, but close enough where they can yell at each other.

Joe:  Hey!  ……………….What are you doing?

Je’von:  My makeup.

Joe: What are you doing??

Je’von: My makeup!

Joe: What are you doing??

Je’von: MY MAKEUP!

Joe: What?


Joe:  ……………your makeup?

– at davepoobond’s house

Jingle Bells Song #21818

Riding through the snow
In an armored car today,
To Arkham house he goes,
Laughing all the way.

Isley killed a plant,
Nigma failed a test,
All Bane did was rave and rant,
And so did all the rest.

Jingle bells,
Clayface smells,
Penguin layed an egg.
Batman got the drop on them and
All away!