Edgar Allen Poe SUCKS

I think I wrote this in 10th grade.

Edgar Allen Poe SUCKS.

Very much so.

When I was writing this, I was sitting through my English class listening to a guy on a tape reading the story “The House of Usher” …which is complete and total crap! I hate how he writes his stories and poems.

The stories have too much description or something. There seems to be sentences within sentences within sentences, and it seems like they’re all fancy words put together to they make each other more fancy, and then there is no real story it seems.

Ooooh. The end of all his stories are so scary…you’re expected to get scared with “-she was dead,” like at the end of “The Oval Portrait”

Ooh. Scary. Dumb. “Never more?” Oooh. Scary.


4 thoughts on “Edgar Allen Poe SUCKS

  1. I’ve finally made it so far in life to read some of Edgar Allan Poe, and I couldn’t agree with you more! He must have been something in the 18th century, but definitely not now. Seems like a man with some problems, who was just lucky that his works suddenly became something. It’s like seeing the naked king with clothes on … sorry everyone, I don’t agree, the king is NAKED and Poe SUCKS.

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