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Bad Submission #24759

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This form was submitted:  Feb 24 2007 / 23:08:34

name = black people can kick any white persons ass because white bitches cant fight
email =
use_email = no
qjoke = i aint got no jokes i jus wanna let u no i wish every white person would die u bitches!!! did yall notice that white girls luv sucking black dick and most hookers and crackheads are white and y dont white people have ases and all whites r anerexic FUCK ALL WHITE BITCHES!!!!!! I COULD BEAT ALL YA ASSES

Joke #21950

There are three guys going hiking together: a black guy, a white guy, and a Jewish guy. They are all friends.

They all go hiking through the forest and through the meadow.  One of them steps on a bee’s nest, and the bee’s starting swarming them and start stinging the shit out of them and they all yell “ouch, shit” and they all flee through the meadow to get away from their nest.

They are soon catching their breath.

The white guy says “Ow, man I must got stung at least a dozen times!”

The black guy says “Aw that ain’t shit a got stung at least 30 times.”

The Jewish guys says “Fuck you guys I got stung 6 million times!”

Joke #21872

A man goes into a shop and sees three jars on a table.

The first jar says “Caucasian Brains, $5.00 a pint”. The second says “Asian Brains, $10.00 a pint”, and the third says ” Black Brains, $100.00 a pint.”

“Hey, why are these Black brains $100 bucks a pint?” asked the man.

The shop owner replied, “You know how many blacks you have to kill to get a whole pint of brains?”