I’m chasing after broken dreams left out in the cold

The suffering is all i have to keep me warm

You took my all and left me loonily and empty

These are the lies of God, the lies of gos


I was never loved, my life means not a damn thing

And i scream inside for there is nothing left of me

And i await the end, the world will go on

Lost all i become and i scream inside for

this pain hasn’t made me a better man for you


I await a better day, but it never comes

The reaper beckons me I’m willing to take his hand

Death is where i belong, it will kill the pain

I close my eyes and dream of an awaiting paradise

Take my last breath to end it all

You took my everything and lest me with only sorrow

Just as i thought my suffering is over

There is always tomorrow



Since I was born I cried a thousand tears but no one seems to care

God laughs as I waste away

My cries fills the sea with sadness

Has my life mean anything?

Only your smile brought me happiness

Why was i born just to feel broken and torn

I bleed my tears to help face my fears

I’m filled with silent screams


When all is said and done i take the fall

My misery never ends its just begun

I’m drowning in my own sorrow

The love i never had will lead me to my final destiny

My silence means and end to the silent screams.



needing sweet love to fulfill my dream

don’t be afraid to share your heart with me

together our love shall soar the skies so free i travel the world lost and alone

it seems I’m just a stranger to your heart

without your love i can’t make it through another day

in need for you to hold me tight

another tear bleeds from my eye tonight

always regretting when your hand slipped away

i got you on my mind

never missing love till it finally ends

don’t waste you time searching for love

it will come to you through a dream come true

i fell for you love so easily

you broke my heart and left me with pain and misery

like the winds of a dove

our love shall fly high above

like a tear our love will flow

UN wards to an endless sea of sadness

love never shine on hears of loneliness

their ain’t no wind to sail our love to happiness

you gota keep loving

or your soul will never be truly free

giving of myself but never gaining

my heart wonders endlessly

listen to these crying tears

we shared forbidden passion so breathlessly

trapped in a place so cold and alone

a place of ice and snow

lost far from being loved

my heart was destroyed without a trace

now i know this time our love is for real

it feels better then ever before

the way i felt

when i had you i was king

i played the part of the fool

i prayed to be loved

but those prays were never answered

my heart was blackened

will somebody tell me what truelove means

you gave me like

you gave me my dreams

you gave me my prays

you gave me means

raising my cries for the heavens to hear

for your love I’ll be a slave

i get on my knees everyday

and pray that I’ll find somebody to love me someday

finding no one i cry the finial tear

living without love is the ultimate nightmare

an awaiting paradise awaits my blacked soul

afraid to love again

but like everything else love comes to an end

by you my heart was used and abused

we tried to love each other again in vain

love always comes with a price

you never ride for free

love fades away in the sands of time

in the rolling shadows of melting tears

in your eyes i feel the hunger

and the desperate tears that tears the night

even if you find love again

it will never be the same

my innocence lost

i live in darkness

with no light guiding me

you hold the key

that will unlock my heart

and set me free

i feel it burning this love i have for you

i am a man who is alone

searching for my heart too have a permeant home

i search far a wide

my heart lives on the razor’s edge

everybody seems to have love but me.



lonely was the desperate man

searching for love beyond the rising sun

hiding in the coldness of darkness

his heart never revealed

from your love you made be a better man

you made me feel so alive

i dream of the night our passion soared free

let your love wash my tears away

wrap your tender love around my lonely heart

let our sacred love soar high in the winter rain sky

if love is a burning flame

then let ours burn forever free

man of sorrow

tears slowly bleeding

hiding his face in the darkness

i close my eyes and dream of you

never knew how this could feel so deep

you alone i only loved you

played me for a fool in your game

we tried to love but it was never the same

i rather die then to see you cry

my heart is bare left withered from your scorn

with you i was happy

now only sadness rules my life

winter rain falls like bleeding tears

you can’t cattier love

it should be aloud to run free

i try to hide from the pain

but it never goes away

i feel as though i got nothing else to life for

please don’t let me go through this alone

all my life i have believed

that there is someone out there to love me

your love takes my breath away

it swells my heart

it races like thundering lightning in the sky

loving you i was unprepared for the ache

these memories remain

please stop the tears

wishing for my tears to end

they will forever fall as winter rain

i fall to my final sleep.



love will flow like wine tonight

here as i hold you tight

you look so good girl course you always do

so sweet and innocent

it’s good to have a girl like you

your really special it’s more then fun

your frown turns my world upside down

i know that it’s true your charm has went through

i look within myself

and i don’t understand

what is wrong with me

lost is this land

i am unwanted their ashamed of me

they don’t like what they see

as i run from shadow take me down where i belong

headed for hell

my birth was wrong

within these eyes lay sorrow i need to put the beast within my soul

to rest it’s time to go.



always feeling rejection from the ones of your creation

for the love you need restricted by emptiness

give me the pain of life and I’ll give you the warmth of death

born without purpose and the tears they never surface

in the darkest heart the brightest light shines

hiding within shadows

the loneliness my only tomorrow’s

life is filled with all the tears we will ever need

i hear it calling me the peace of death

i crave to be dead

dreaming of a better life

everyone laughs at my finial cries

my tears turn shallow

as my heart turns hollow

a lost and unwanted child

the ones who suffer always die first

my screams are now silenced

just another victim of life.



The promised land denied to me

the pain burns me

today is a good day to die

together we will find a way to love

I’m fighting a war i already lost

can’t hide from the reasoning voices within my head

can’t laugh can’t cry

if i keep going I’m sure to die

it’s hard i just can’t forget it better to die now then to live and regret it

I’m already fading soon to be forgotten

can’t dream can’t scream

don’t care if i love or die

can’t go anywhere to hide

from the voices inside

scream my pain

can’t follow my dreams I’m a failure in life

this world don’t mean much

the light grows so dim

and as i say good-bye I’m going down to die

it clouds my mind the fiery of my cries

the world doesn’t seem much

as i don’t matter much to the world

down here it’s so cold

i was left behind

my hope fades for salvation

it’s so hard to realize

what i am i don’t belong.



I was searching for something better

but instead i found something worse

you left me alone

i have no choice but guilt

the boy that you love is the monster that you fear

pray upon the darkness

wishing my life was just a dream

the cut that never heals

might as well died now cause your dead in their minds

i was born to this no one cares for me

tears filled my eyes as we said our last good-byes

my body aches from past mistakes

it must be love but why are you walking away

betrayed by lust

time after time this sad story repeats it’s self

someone love me please I’m on my knees

i asked if we could be friends

and you agreed now i want more

i must confess help me

before i suffer the consequences

one look in her lusting eyes

the pain in you will rise

the desires will enslave you

her mythic lips will cut right through you

heaven rained on her

she’ll make you go insane with one look in her eyes

i speak these words you never cared

here we lay together under wicked sky

from dawn of day till dusk of night

we share this paradise

what i felt what I’ve known

my heart is open for you

so sick and tired i stand alone

lay beside me this won’t hurt i swear

she loves me not but i lover her still

wishing for what could of been

i lay awake as she is gone

day dreaming her being here

I’m waiting for you and the tears start to sting

my wish is gone so is your tender hold

i feel so hollow i loved in vein

today only sorrow with no hope for it to be better tomorrow

there is no refuse from the hurting

no one for a desperate carcass

i want to take you high

and show you sightsthat’ll blow your mind

everyone else seems to have love but where is mine

come into the chambers of my heart

i crave your cerise

within this dark heart a dim light shines

won’t someone take me in

for love’s eternal light stars to fade away

these crazy thoughts of mine will surely

become a sigh for sore eyes and reality

you said you’ll forever love me

please never leave me

for what will I do without you.



promises are only lines on paper

how i need to be free of this pain

but it goes over and over again

with so many flames and so much to burn

so much agony when will they ever learn

crying in the dark lost and alone

my will to live forsaken me

my head is my only home

the memories are now gone forever broken

to escape to a paradise that’s free

i want to take you to a place far away

your innocent beauty my words can’t describe

so sweet with purity it brings sullen tears right to my eyes

I’m so alone

you left without a reason why

baby why

let me take you and show you the truth to every lasting paradise

together in youth

i will never leave your side

just keep loving me baby

and tell me everything will be all right

her beauty was charming for it was sacred to me

for her love i will await on death’s door

from the heavens i hear the maidens call

I’m approaching a time that’s dramatic

how could you let me descend

the chance wasted

what we could of been

give your love and it will come back to you

when i first saw you it set my heart free

could it be a dream come true

for these tears of joy are new

happiness is what you gave to me

all these years the tears fall like rain

as i grip my pillow tight

i called you on the phone but the cries of sadness go unheard

fall upon death ears

your spell enchanted me

the wrath of sorrow fills the skies

you come to me in winter dreams

somewhere there’s a heart beating in the night

searching out the light of the sacred heart

looking past the rainbow i see your gorgeous eyes

you hold the key that will set me free

let’s run toward the light

i was searching for a girl like you

but i waited to long

i thought you could love me back

but i guess i was wrong

how can i get my message through

the pain was too much for me

you watch me fade away

save your breath don’t pray for me

I’m already dead in your heart

but this is my end and hell as yet to begin

i walk the word alone with no hope

and a heart of stone

my ashes of emotions carried in the wind

through out the earth

told I was an accident from birth

I thought I could be loved

but my hopes turn to dust.



the life you know is at its end

but the nightmare has yet to begin

your says of happiness are over

and its time to say good-bye

with a letter of a final good-bye

like the ones who have gone before you

to burn in eternity in hell

you use the gun to end your miserable life

you can no longer stand the pain

the ones who loved you will only forget

you pull the trigger without regret

no one hears your silent screams

left behind to rot alone and so very cold

they said they loved you but their lies grow so old

the coffin lid has closed for the finial time

his shadow never shined

and his heart it filius with sorrow

knowing there is no tomorrow

sick of the world that never cared for you take your finial journey to a better land

the tool lays in your hand

death the only solution to ultimate peace

it’s time to meet the reaper

your grave greets you warm

all they said is only lies

as you lay bleeding waiting to die

your life replay before your eyes

so tired of your past you rather forget

secluded by tears almost never revealed

he lives in his shadow

and laughs at the world

darkness wraps his soul and left it’s curse

madness has taken it’s toll

he hopes and prays

that he will find peace of mind someday

but evil has finally taken control over him again

he no longer wants to live

simply nothing more to give

all he wants is to forget his past

but his suffering will only last

this hell has become all to real

his suffering he rather forget

a mistake of creation

sorrow the only emotion he feels

he wants it all to end

but this sad scene will play over and over again

once a king now a broken man

seeking relief from this hell

he’s a victim with a disturbed mind

the solution for peace is in his hand

he empties the thoughts from his head

wanting to become one with the dead

tears crawl down his face

a shadow of a man the world diplaced.



here i sit alone gazing at the stars

the rain falls like tears from the heavens

my feelings left out in the cold

all my life waiting for someone to love me

it never came probably never will

the days of happiness are gone

i try to hide from the pain

why aren’t you here to dry my tears

before they fall to the ground

the feelings are still there that you left in his heart

now its cold like the winter snow

how i want this pain to be over

i need your love to set me free

release my heart and you will see I’m dying in tears and misery

i lay awake in the morning light

staring at the sun rise filled with empty cries

with no one to hold another sleepless night

for it’s over now you left me oh so lonely

our reach was just to far through tears i see you

in emptiness the man lived

in loneliness the man cried

through his tears he tries to smile

gazing at the darkening sky he sat and wondered

without being loved his heart slowly died

I’m just an ordinary man

with dreams of a better land

living within the shadows of his heart

when the woman he loves appears

he hides behind his tears

his heart is open but there is no love shining back through

all this love i want to share with you

your broken promise has turned me to stone

so sick and tired of being alone

you could make me laugh and cry

but without your love maybe it’s better just to die

when i was feeling down you turned my heart around

through the loneliness bleeds the tears

that fill into the endless sea of sadness

when trying to love only brings you madness

under blackened sky am i destined for love

my wings become broken

before i could ever learn to fly

love the undying flame

at sundown i greet you

the beauty in your eyes

so warm and tender was your embrace

through tears we said our finial good-bye

the last time it will be

give me one last kiss before i meet my destiny

heaven rains tears over our love

better to die in love

then to live without it

show your love true to me

now that your here i am set free

happy tears are new to me

now that I’m here with you its a dream come true

loving cries from my voice

your beauty lights up my life

sea of tears always flowing taking me away

on this cold winter night

love of my heart reigns

how i want this dream to be reality

still feeling you within my heart

blanketing me with your warm soothing touch

i look for fire passions within your eyes

i turn to you with eyes in tears

i count the falling tears that fall from my eyes

seems like a thousand tears since we broke the ties

so sick and alone

look into my eyes

it’s time you realize

dreaming of you holding me nothing could be sweeter

you stabbed rejection within my heart

just to watch my feelings for you die

with my finial tear i drop to my knees

begging to make you mine

say you will be here tomorrow

say it isn’t true

i can’t take this pain and sorrow

can’t you see you broke my heart in two

you treated me like you just didn’t care

i was willing to venture the unknown with you

always thinking of you everyday

always dreaming about you every night

I’m begging on me knees

so give me your sweet loving please

don’t shut me out in the dark

why you put hurt into my soul

dying for what i lost but never truly had

suffering for more then i ever had

i look into your eyes and something turns me loose

its going to be a hot and bothered night

feeling the power she thrusts between her sweet lips

when she smiles i go insane

like a love child running wild

your innocence turns me on and sets me loose

i can’t help myself

as i look at you through bleeding tears

i hold myself

press my button and I’ll explode

baby you were so good

now i want so much more from you

now the time is right

love will flow like wine tonight

i want to give it to you in darkness

i want to lay at your feet

your looks drove me wild

together were going to make this love real

i can’t have enough of your sweet love

hot loving turn up the heat

i feel your fire and you love tastes so sweet

I’m under you enchanted spell

I’m a prisoner

and your love is my cell

once we start we can’t stop

i love what you got

let’s get together and get hot

don’t wait for tomorrow baby

the time is today

I’ll be your boy toy baby

no place to hide no place to run

you pulled the trigger to my love gun

slow down your loving is too fast for me

I see your body talk when you next to me

it’s going to be a hot night

so hold tight

let it out

you don’t know what your missing

take what you are giving.



I’m seventeen going nowhere

on the highway to hell not far from here

no one listens to what i have to say

no one sees my silent cries

i look to another day restless for the pain to fade away

all my hopes and dreams gone up in smoke

all i got left is my will to live

all I feel is loneliness and despair

but in their minds I’m already dead so why should they care

sentenced to live with emptiness for eternity

oh God why have you done this to me.



Living a tale of agony

i feel the voices laughing at me

don’t want to live

can’t even think of a reason why

don’t even know why i ever existed

i only find peace at mind

when i know I’m destined to die

feeling its warmth death greets me with open arms

i feel life slipping away as the days go by

having to swallow the sorrow

life it seems is fading away getting darker everyday

the pain has become all to real

can’t stand this hell I feel

emptiness is filling me driving me into insanity

the end is taking dawn

I was here but now I’m gone.


The lesson never learned

Searching for what we were

never knowing what we had

there is always something coming

but is it good or bad

what will come to be

people are too stubborn to see

as it is now soon it will be

were setting it free

the lesson never learned

love should not be demanded but earned

something is coming it just takes time

but time we don’t have much of

mayhem and carnage we kill each other

no one left to recover

streets are now crypts

here comes apocalypse.



This was the road to my end

the time has come to pay the price

to speak your mind you wouldn’t think twice

then you used me in your sacrifice

the end has come so take your turn

the tears that you burn

reflect the essence in your fears

upon my pain in which you fee

in my brain you planted the sea

as the season past the torment grows

life has struck its final blow

i invested my love into for nothing could be sweeter

i said i need you does that make me wrong or am i a freak that just doesn’t belong

my heart was blackened its getting worse

is it me or just loves curse

trying to visualize the pleasures that lay ahead

deep own we know there is no their way when all is gone

are you my destiny or is it wasted love

no one loves this desperate carcass

tears float like silent whispers in the night

I’m a man who walks alone in the dark

seeking a promise that i was denied

now there’s nothing left to say



As time take’s its toll

faith makes blind

but i learn to live with it

let go of the pin in your mind

won’t you listen to what i have to say

they promise the world but eventually everything turns to dust

how i remember that very first day

when you slipped away

as i wait for love my heart slowly dies

at last i am at peace by self sacrifice

i pay the price in tears

every night i see only black

times i had good and bad

win or loose death is what i choose

I can’t seem to get away from fate

can i survive or is it already too late

love i seek and find in you

but you never cared nor did you knew

drowning in loneliness i suffocate

when you told me you were better off alone

i never knew that tears could sting

i can see you in my dreams

but our reach was just too far

i became old gray and beat

you turned my world into a dark lonely place

can’t you see the tears fall from my face

you must be my angel sent from grace

to take me to a better place

as my world closes in i only wish for you

can’t you understand me

the wind sings maiden bell songs

sounds of lust makes us anxious

your looks could kill your body my thrill

i wanted to hold you but i better not touch

how i love you just so much

in you web of deception I’m caught

i cry just too feel your touch

i want you to scream my name my pain your thrill

i wanted your love but it was just too much

will my heart ever shine it’s brightness that’s so true

never shined through what I’ve shown

when i look into your eyes i was quickly seduce

never will I be set free

this fight I cannot win

better places I been

never a care to die

UN regretfully to feel the peace inside of me

never to see what might of been.