As time take’s its toll

faith makes blind

but i learn to live with it

let go of the pin in your mind

won’t you listen to what i have to say

they promise the world but eventually everything turns to dust

how i remember that very first day

when you slipped away

as i wait for love my heart slowly dies

at last i am at peace by self sacrifice

i pay the price in tears

every night i see only black

times i had good and bad

win or loose death is what i choose

I can’t seem to get away from fate

can i survive or is it already too late

love i seek and find in you

but you never cared nor did you knew

drowning in loneliness i suffocate

when you told me you were better off alone

i never knew that tears could sting

i can see you in my dreams

but our reach was just too far

i became old gray and beat

you turned my world into a dark lonely place

can’t you see the tears fall from my face

you must be my angel sent from grace

to take me to a better place

as my world closes in i only wish for you

can’t you understand me

the wind sings maiden bell songs

sounds of lust makes us anxious

your looks could kill your body my thrill

i wanted to hold you but i better not touch

how i love you just so much

in you web of deception I’m caught

i cry just too feel your touch

i want you to scream my name my pain your thrill

i wanted your love but it was just too much

will my heart ever shine it’s brightness that’s so true

never shined through what I’ve shown

when i look into your eyes i was quickly seduce

never will I be set free

this fight I cannot win

better places I been

never a care to die

UN regretfully to feel the peace inside of me

never to see what might of been.

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