There are 4 different “UNDERNEATH WICKED SKY” poems




never a care for what they say

never a care for the games they play

the young man sits lonely at home

laying awake in the morning light

with no one to hold him tight

the heart grows old

all there is

time that is mine

life it seems to fade away

getting shorter everyday

lost the will to live

simply nothing more to give

getting lost within himself

nothing else matters no one else

didn’t know this pain could be so real

can’t stand this hell i feel

night taking dawn

i was me but now he’s gone

cannot live with this pain inside of me

don’t know what I’m supposed to fight for

but don’t want fight anymore

she loves me not but i love her still

break your heart she will

i love her still she loves me not

she left me lonely to rot

spend my days in looniness

spend my years with emptiness

this feeling comes from the heart

it tears my soul apart

what i thought is what i know

against the cold i stand alone

light doesn’t shine upon me

this is me soon to be you

look upon these tears

for pain is what they scream

no more crying no more cries

no more lying no more lies

when it comes to the time we will be partners in crime

now i’ll just say good bye.




here we come to finish what needs to be done

the child watches his parents die under wicked sky

his parents are now dead

now who will put the child to bed

in the web of lies

the child begins to cry

he does not know what to fight for

he doesn’t want to go through this hell anymore

put into a little cell

put through a living hell

he thought he knew it all

he thought he had it all

don’t care for what they say

don’t care for their ways

they hate us for what we really are

i know there is a reason just can’t see it from this far

they take away my freedom of choice

but i know that somewhere someone hears my voice

what i felt, what i known

so sick and tired i stand alone

i lay awake in the morning light

with no one to hold

another sleepless night

you could make me laugh you could make me cry

but without you love maybe i should die

as people kill each other soon

there will me no love left to uncover

the dark of day the black of night

death is near it’s in sight

should I open the door for you

or are you unforgiving too

the lonely man was feeling down

until her love turned his heart around

life isn’t fair he said he loved her

but she doesn’t seem to care.




everyday i learn something new

because i open my mind to a different view

now its here the light finally shines he thought the thoughts he had were only dreams

but everyday it happens

don’t believe everything is what it seems

the beginning of another world war

freedom is what their fighting for him it looks like the end

so let the pain begin

on his face is a tear

knowing he can’t stop the fear

love there is none for me there is no one

never opened myself this way

i never said this before it was too late

never a care for what they say

don’t care about anything anymore

underneath these wicked skies in the lonely night

never a care for their lies

now that its over tell me it will be all right

heart black as darkness

no one to love this desperate carcass

lonely guitar player down the hall

midnight blues shine through the walls

his luck was down he thought of leaving town

her called her on the phone

saying his lonely and all alone wanting her to come back home

he let the phone ring and ring

never knowing that tears could sting

he doesn’t laugh and he doesn’t cry

he doesn’t care if he lives or die he feel in love with a girl but never knew her name

he fell in love the first time but who can you blame

can’t you see you mean everything to me.




no one hears his lonely heart cry

he cries when the girl he loves says her last good-bye’s

he lost his way in from the cold

thinking of what he will find

he will see the place very soon

he wished he knew how he loved her still

her love for him just never shined through

everyday mothers are crying

cause their babies keep dying

it cannot be its eating me

but now this feeling is true this love i have for you

but what can i say i felt this way each and every day

don’t laugh when a hearse goes by

or you may be the next to die

this song couldn’t be much more from the heart

these words i feel

it couldn’t be much more real

you never knew i felt thisway.

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