This was the road to my end

the time has come to pay the price

to speak your mind you wouldn’t think twice

then you used me in your sacrifice

the end has come so take your turn

the tears that you burn

reflect the essence in your fears

upon my pain in which you fee

in my brain you planted the sea

as the season past the torment grows

life has struck its final blow

i invested my love into for nothing could be sweeter

i said i need you does that make me wrong or am i a freak that just doesn’t belong

my heart was blackened its getting worse

is it me or just loves curse

trying to visualize the pleasures that lay ahead

deep own we know there is no their way when all is gone

are you my destiny or is it wasted love

no one loves this desperate carcass

tears float like silent whispers in the night

I’m a man who walks alone in the dark

seeking a promise that i was denied

now there’s nothing left to say

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