lonely was the desperate man

searching for love beyond the rising sun

hiding in the coldness of darkness

his heart never revealed

from your love you made be a better man

you made me feel so alive

i dream of the night our passion soared free

let your love wash my tears away

wrap your tender love around my lonely heart

let our sacred love soar high in the winter rain sky

if love is a burning flame

then let ours burn forever free

man of sorrow

tears slowly bleeding

hiding his face in the darkness

i close my eyes and dream of you

never knew how this could feel so deep

you alone i only loved you

played me for a fool in your game

we tried to love but it was never the same

i rather die then to see you cry

my heart is bare left withered from your scorn

with you i was happy

now only sadness rules my life

winter rain falls like bleeding tears

you can’t cattier love

it should be aloud to run free

i try to hide from the pain

but it never goes away

i feel as though i got nothing else to life for

please don’t let me go through this alone

all my life i have believed

that there is someone out there to love me

your love takes my breath away

it swells my heart

it races like thundering lightning in the sky

loving you i was unprepared for the ache

these memories remain

please stop the tears

wishing for my tears to end

they will forever fall as winter rain

i fall to my final sleep.

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