needing sweet love to fulfill my dream

don’t be afraid to share your heart with me

together our love shall soar the skies so free i travel the world lost and alone

it seems I’m just a stranger to your heart

without your love i can’t make it through another day

in need for you to hold me tight

another tear bleeds from my eye tonight

always regretting when your hand slipped away

i got you on my mind

never missing love till it finally ends

don’t waste you time searching for love

it will come to you through a dream come true

i fell for you love so easily

you broke my heart and left me with pain and misery

like the winds of a dove

our love shall fly high above

like a tear our love will flow

UN wards to an endless sea of sadness

love never shine on hears of loneliness

their ain’t no wind to sail our love to happiness

you gota keep loving

or your soul will never be truly free

giving of myself but never gaining

my heart wonders endlessly

listen to these crying tears

we shared forbidden passion so breathlessly

trapped in a place so cold and alone

a place of ice and snow

lost far from being loved

my heart was destroyed without a trace

now i know this time our love is for real

it feels better then ever before

the way i felt

when i had you i was king

i played the part of the fool

i prayed to be loved

but those prays were never answered

my heart was blackened

will somebody tell me what truelove means

you gave me like

you gave me my dreams

you gave me my prays

you gave me means

raising my cries for the heavens to hear

for your love I’ll be a slave

i get on my knees everyday

and pray that I’ll find somebody to love me someday

finding no one i cry the finial tear

living without love is the ultimate nightmare

an awaiting paradise awaits my blacked soul

afraid to love again

but like everything else love comes to an end

by you my heart was used and abused

we tried to love each other again in vain

love always comes with a price

you never ride for free

love fades away in the sands of time

in the rolling shadows of melting tears

in your eyes i feel the hunger

and the desperate tears that tears the night

even if you find love again

it will never be the same

my innocence lost

i live in darkness

with no light guiding me

you hold the key

that will unlock my heart

and set me free

i feel it burning this love i have for you

i am a man who is alone

searching for my heart too have a permeant home

i search far a wide

my heart lives on the razor’s edge

everybody seems to have love but me.

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