I’m chasing after broken dreams left out in the cold

The suffering is all i have to keep me warm

You took my all and left me loonily and empty

These are the lies of God, the lies of gos


I was never loved, my life means not a damn thing

And i scream inside for there is nothing left of me

And i await the end, the world will go on

Lost all i become and i scream inside for

this pain hasn’t made me a better man for you


I await a better day, but it never comes

The reaper beckons me I’m willing to take his hand

Death is where i belong, it will kill the pain

I close my eyes and dream of an awaiting paradise

Take my last breath to end it all

You took my everything and lest me with only sorrow

Just as i thought my suffering is over

There is always tomorrow



Since I was born I cried a thousand tears but no one seems to care

God laughs as I waste away

My cries fills the sea with sadness

Has my life mean anything?

Only your smile brought me happiness

Why was i born just to feel broken and torn

I bleed my tears to help face my fears

I’m filled with silent screams


When all is said and done i take the fall

My misery never ends its just begun

I’m drowning in my own sorrow

The love i never had will lead me to my final destiny

My silence means and end to the silent screams.

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