promises are only lines on paper

how i need to be free of this pain

but it goes over and over again

with so many flames and so much to burn

so much agony when will they ever learn

crying in the dark lost and alone

my will to live forsaken me

my head is my only home

the memories are now gone forever broken

to escape to a paradise that’s free

i want to take you to a place far away

your innocent beauty my words can’t describe

so sweet with purity it brings sullen tears right to my eyes

I’m so alone

you left without a reason why

baby why

let me take you and show you the truth to every lasting paradise

together in youth

i will never leave your side

just keep loving me baby

and tell me everything will be all right

her beauty was charming for it was sacred to me

for her love i will await on death’s door

from the heavens i hear the maidens call

I’m approaching a time that’s dramatic

how could you let me descend

the chance wasted

what we could of been

give your love and it will come back to you

when i first saw you it set my heart free

could it be a dream come true

for these tears of joy are new

happiness is what you gave to me

all these years the tears fall like rain

as i grip my pillow tight

i called you on the phone but the cries of sadness go unheard

fall upon death ears

your spell enchanted me

the wrath of sorrow fills the skies

you come to me in winter dreams

somewhere there’s a heart beating in the night

searching out the light of the sacred heart

looking past the rainbow i see your gorgeous eyes

you hold the key that will set me free

let’s run toward the light

i was searching for a girl like you

but i waited to long

i thought you could love me back

but i guess i was wrong

how can i get my message through

the pain was too much for me

you watch me fade away

save your breath don’t pray for me

I’m already dead in your heart

but this is my end and hell as yet to begin

i walk the word alone with no hope

and a heart of stone

my ashes of emotions carried in the wind

through out the earth

told I was an accident from birth

I thought I could be loved

but my hopes turn to dust.

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