I was searching for something better

but instead i found something worse

you left me alone

i have no choice but guilt

the boy that you love is the monster that you fear

pray upon the darkness

wishing my life was just a dream

the cut that never heals

might as well died now cause your dead in their minds

i was born to this no one cares for me

tears filled my eyes as we said our last good-byes

my body aches from past mistakes

it must be love but why are you walking away

betrayed by lust

time after time this sad story repeats it’s self

someone love me please I’m on my knees

i asked if we could be friends

and you agreed now i want more

i must confess help me

before i suffer the consequences

one look in her lusting eyes

the pain in you will rise

the desires will enslave you

her mythic lips will cut right through you

heaven rained on her

she’ll make you go insane with one look in her eyes

i speak these words you never cared

here we lay together under wicked sky

from dawn of day till dusk of night

we share this paradise

what i felt what I’ve known

my heart is open for you

so sick and tired i stand alone

lay beside me this won’t hurt i swear

she loves me not but i lover her still

wishing for what could of been

i lay awake as she is gone

day dreaming her being here

I’m waiting for you and the tears start to sting

my wish is gone so is your tender hold

i feel so hollow i loved in vein

today only sorrow with no hope for it to be better tomorrow

there is no refuse from the hurting

no one for a desperate carcass

i want to take you high

and show you sightsthat’ll blow your mind

everyone else seems to have love but where is mine

come into the chambers of my heart

i crave your cerise

within this dark heart a dim light shines

won’t someone take me in

for love’s eternal light stars to fade away

these crazy thoughts of mine will surely

become a sigh for sore eyes and reality

you said you’ll forever love me

please never leave me

for what will I do without you.

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