The promised land denied to me

the pain burns me

today is a good day to die

together we will find a way to love

I’m fighting a war i already lost

can’t hide from the reasoning voices within my head

can’t laugh can’t cry

if i keep going I’m sure to die

it’s hard i just can’t forget it better to die now then to live and regret it

I’m already fading soon to be forgotten

can’t dream can’t scream

don’t care if i love or die

can’t go anywhere to hide

from the voices inside

scream my pain

can’t follow my dreams I’m a failure in life

this world don’t mean much

the light grows so dim

and as i say good-bye I’m going down to die

it clouds my mind the fiery of my cries

the world doesn’t seem much

as i don’t matter much to the world

down here it’s so cold

i was left behind

my hope fades for salvation

it’s so hard to realize

what i am i don’t belong.

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