the life you know is at its end

but the nightmare has yet to begin

your says of happiness are over

and its time to say good-bye

with a letter of a final good-bye

like the ones who have gone before you

to burn in eternity in hell

you use the gun to end your miserable life

you can no longer stand the pain

the ones who loved you will only forget

you pull the trigger without regret

no one hears your silent screams

left behind to rot alone and so very cold

they said they loved you but their lies grow so old

the coffin lid has closed for the finial time

his shadow never shined

and his heart it filius with sorrow

knowing there is no tomorrow

sick of the world that never cared for you take your finial journey to a better land

the tool lays in your hand

death the only solution to ultimate peace

it’s time to meet the reaper

your grave greets you warm

all they said is only lies

as you lay bleeding waiting to die

your life replay before your eyes

so tired of your past you rather forget

secluded by tears almost never revealed

he lives in his shadow

and laughs at the world

darkness wraps his soul and left it’s curse

madness has taken it’s toll

he hopes and prays

that he will find peace of mind someday

but evil has finally taken control over him again

he no longer wants to live

simply nothing more to give

all he wants is to forget his past

but his suffering will only last

this hell has become all to real

his suffering he rather forget

a mistake of creation

sorrow the only emotion he feels

he wants it all to end

but this sad scene will play over and over again

once a king now a broken man

seeking relief from this hell

he’s a victim with a disturbed mind

the solution for peace is in his hand

he empties the thoughts from his head

wanting to become one with the dead

tears crawl down his face

a shadow of a man the world diplaced.

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