here i sit alone gazing at the stars

the rain falls like tears from the heavens

my feelings left out in the cold

all my life waiting for someone to love me

it never came probably never will

the days of happiness are gone

i try to hide from the pain

why aren’t you here to dry my tears

before they fall to the ground

the feelings are still there that you left in his heart

now its cold like the winter snow

how i want this pain to be over

i need your love to set me free

release my heart and you will see I’m dying in tears and misery

i lay awake in the morning light

staring at the sun rise filled with empty cries

with no one to hold another sleepless night

for it’s over now you left me oh so lonely

our reach was just to far through tears i see you

in emptiness the man lived

in loneliness the man cried

through his tears he tries to smile

gazing at the darkening sky he sat and wondered

without being loved his heart slowly died

I’m just an ordinary man

with dreams of a better land

living within the shadows of his heart

when the woman he loves appears

he hides behind his tears

his heart is open but there is no love shining back through

all this love i want to share with you

your broken promise has turned me to stone

so sick and tired of being alone

you could make me laugh and cry

but without your love maybe it’s better just to die

when i was feeling down you turned my heart around

through the loneliness bleeds the tears

that fill into the endless sea of sadness

when trying to love only brings you madness

under blackened sky am i destined for love

my wings become broken

before i could ever learn to fly

love the undying flame

at sundown i greet you

the beauty in your eyes

so warm and tender was your embrace

through tears we said our finial good-bye

the last time it will be

give me one last kiss before i meet my destiny

heaven rains tears over our love

better to die in love

then to live without it

show your love true to me

now that your here i am set free

happy tears are new to me

now that I’m here with you its a dream come true

loving cries from my voice

your beauty lights up my life

sea of tears always flowing taking me away

on this cold winter night

love of my heart reigns

how i want this dream to be reality

still feeling you within my heart

blanketing me with your warm soothing touch

i look for fire passions within your eyes

i turn to you with eyes in tears

i count the falling tears that fall from my eyes

seems like a thousand tears since we broke the ties

so sick and alone

look into my eyes

it’s time you realize

dreaming of you holding me nothing could be sweeter

you stabbed rejection within my heart

just to watch my feelings for you die

with my finial tear i drop to my knees

begging to make you mine

say you will be here tomorrow

say it isn’t true

i can’t take this pain and sorrow

can’t you see you broke my heart in two

you treated me like you just didn’t care

i was willing to venture the unknown with you

always thinking of you everyday

always dreaming about you every night

I’m begging on me knees

so give me your sweet loving please

don’t shut me out in the dark

why you put hurt into my soul

dying for what i lost but never truly had

suffering for more then i ever had

i look into your eyes and something turns me loose

its going to be a hot and bothered night

feeling the power she thrusts between her sweet lips

when she smiles i go insane

like a love child running wild

your innocence turns me on and sets me loose

i can’t help myself

as i look at you through bleeding tears

i hold myself

press my button and I’ll explode

baby you were so good

now i want so much more from you

now the time is right

love will flow like wine tonight

i want to give it to you in darkness

i want to lay at your feet

your looks drove me wild

together were going to make this love real

i can’t have enough of your sweet love

hot loving turn up the heat

i feel your fire and you love tastes so sweet

I’m under you enchanted spell

I’m a prisoner

and your love is my cell

once we start we can’t stop

i love what you got

let’s get together and get hot

don’t wait for tomorrow baby

the time is today

I’ll be your boy toy baby

no place to hide no place to run

you pulled the trigger to my love gun

slow down your loving is too fast for me

I see your body talk when you next to me

it’s going to be a hot night

so hold tight

let it out

you don’t know what your missing

take what you are giving.

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