UPDATE February 3, 2000

dAvE bOnD: I put up the 1st Episode of a new TV show called Tyson and Friends. It’s about a bunch of boxers that live in the same house. I think its pretty good for a 1st Episode.

Nose: I’ll be writing a story pretty soon, and we’re working on a quiz.


UPDATE January 30, 2000

dAvE bOnD: whee! its super bowl day, and i got a threating phone call from some of dem mutha ****ing popular bastards. Remember kids, dont mess with popular people…until they ****ing mess with you!!!! AARRGGHH!!!! I’m gonna kick there ***es. Wish me luck…if you want…i gonna need it when they gonna try and beat me up….well here’s an update from some other people…

Nose: poop shaloop shama lama ding dong

Donkmaster: ooga booga pizza hut

Note: this isnt really an update…we dont have anything to put on and we’re extremely board, so we put it up…


UPDATE January 29, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I put up 2 songs by Ice Monkey.  Super Bowl is tomarrow…um…yeah.  Vote on the poll.  Sign the guestbook.  Click on the sponsors.  Tell elmoisfurry what your favorite CDs are so that we can make Squackle’z Greatest Hits.  Ok, that’s all right now…


UPDATE January 26, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  i put up a story made by Phoenix.  Its pretty funny, and he said he’d give me some more stories to put on.  So…yeah, wait for the stories then. Also some pictures and a poem that isnt exactly a poem but i just put it there anyway. Email me with some comments about the site…i’m getting pretty bored every now and then…actually a lot more than that…but still…email me at davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com


UPDATE January 25, 2000

elmoisfurry:  i put up some games on the squackle sports arena.  they are really cool games.  you should try them out

stimpyismyname:  i got this story from my brother… he had to do this for a report . he did it in seventh grade!!!! :: tee hee! sniker, sniker ::  its in the stories section.  Also, some others.


UPDATE January 24, 2000

elmoisfurry: im making a list of all the best cd’s so if u want, u can email me at elmoisfurry@hotmail.com and give me a cd u think is great and worthy to be on squackles greatest hits. if i put a cd up that u gave me, ill give u credit for it by putting ur email or some weird name u want us to call u. also there are 2 new words in the dictionary.


Stimpyismyname: my new favorite word is donkelizer


UPDATE January 20, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  i put up a song, telletubbie turd changed his name to Fajita Bum…and took down the Point of not returning page

stimpyismyname: squirrel monkeys are cool. you should buy a squirrel monkey and a moose. i’m going to put up some of my favorite emulatur page links, as soon as SOMEONE E-MAILS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UPDATE January 19, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I finally made the reformed dictionary!  Click on the dictionary link in the table to get to it.

elmoisfurry:  there is a poll now, vote on it.  it tastes yummy, sometimes it smells like rhino poo, really, i’m not kidding, it smells exactly like rhino poo, and i should know.  I own a rhino, boy does he poop a lot.  That’s why i call him PoopMonkey.


UPDATE January 14, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  i put some new pics up in the pics section…

elmoisfurry:  we startin a band for da site and also for ourselves so when we get a wav file thingy u can hear us only on this site. wouldnt that just be great. im also goin to mess up a picture of pikachu, that stupid yellow pokemon thingy, and totally screw it up, and put it on the site.


UPDATE January 6, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I’m going to redesign the dictionary soon.  I renamed it Squackle’z Dictionary, cuz i dont like the idea of one thing belonging to one person at this site.  Same thing with the links.  I changed it to Squackle Links.  The only exception is Stimpyismyname’s theories.  Cuz i’m too lazy to change it, and it was Stimpyismyname’s idea anyway.