UPDATE January 19, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I finally made the reformed dictionary!  Click on the dictionary link in the table to get to it.

elmoisfurry:  there is a poll now, vote on it.  it tastes yummy, sometimes it smells like rhino poo, really, i’m not kidding, it smells exactly like rhino poo, and i should know.  I own a rhino, boy does he poop a lot.  That’s why i call him PoopMonkey.


UPDATE December 1, 1999

Stimpyismyname: Hey STIMPY is MY name! What’s yours? E-mail me about that. I’m lonely… I made another page! I didn’t put it on that table thing ’cause someone will probably delete it anyw-

dAvE bOnD: I put it on da table

Stimpyismyname: yeah, well Here it is anyway… THE GREATEST THING STIMPYISMYNAME COULD EVER MAKE

Note: Its on da table as Point Of Not Returning