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Joke #9121

A man won a ticket to the Super Bowl, but when he got there, he was very disappointed. He was on the far left, at the back. He was closer to the Goodyear Blimp than he was to the field, but halfway through the first quarter he spotted the best seat in the house.

He went over to the empty seat and said to the guy sitting beside it, “Is anyone sitting here?” “No.”, the guy replied.

So the man sat down, and about 30 minutes later, he couldn’t resist saying, “Man! This is an awesome seat! Whoever gave it up must be CRAZY!”

The guy sitting next to him replied, “Well, actually, that was supposed to be my wife’s seat, but she died.”

The man, feeling like shit, said, “Oh, that’s awful, but couldn’t you have asked a relative to come with you?”

“No”, said the guy.

The man was confused, and asked, “Why not?”

The guy replied, “Because they’re all at the funeral.”

You Know You’re Sick When…

You know you’re sick when…

– you vomit and the vomit mysteriously spells, “fart.”

– you are butt-fucking a goat in the backyard while your mom and the whole neighborhood is watching you, regularly.

– you watch, “I Love Lucy” and fall in love with Ricky and the way he bongs on his bongos and can’t stop thinking how he’d bong your bongos.

– you think the Home Alone Series is intellectual and educational, and your favorite part is when Kevin’s mom screams.

– you have the game “Shaq-Fu” for SEGA Genesis

– you say “cheek cheeky boom boom” when you get arrested when they say, “whatever you say can and will be used in a court of law.”

– you get up in the morning and feel like reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica from A-Z with all the special issues and add-ons for the 5th time in 3 days.

– you throw marshmallows at someone you have a crush on

– you play Bingo with yourself and shout, “BINGO!!” when you get it, you also live with 4 friends that now think your crazy.

– you think a cool thing to do is to dangle a cap from a string and hypnotize people.

– you think walking into a church naked is a funny prank, but even better, is walking into a nudist’s church with clothes on.

– you eat your intestine as a bedtime snack.

– you stick pencils up every hole in your body and run through town, naked, with the pencils in your holes, screaming, “I’m a walrus!”

– you get bees up your pants regularly.

– you pelt yourself, and other people, with pudding every Sunday.

– you use “what is the name of your telephone number” for a pickup line.

– you beat dogs, just cause they show their butthole to the whole world and still “smile.”

You know someone in your family is really sick when…

– the telephone rings and your teenaged daughter doesn’t feel well enough to run and answer it.

– you offer to take your wife shopping for a new dress and she doesn’t feel well enough to get of bed.

– you visit your mother-in-law and she’s too sick to even talk.

– you give away your tickets to the Super Bowl because you feel too ill to go to the game.

– your seven-year-old stays in the house all day and is good as gold.

– your teenaged son gives you back the keys to the car and tells you he’s going to bed instead of to the drive-in on Saturday night.

UPDATE January 30, 2000

dAvE bOnD: whee! its super bowl day, and i got a threating phone call from some of dem mutha ****ing popular bastards. Remember kids, dont mess with popular people…until they ****ing mess with you!!!! AARRGGHH!!!! I’m gonna kick there ***es. Wish me luck…if you want…i gonna need it when they gonna try and beat me up….well here’s an update from some other people…

Nose: poop shaloop shama lama ding dong

Donkmaster: ooga booga pizza hut

Note: this isnt really an update…we dont have anything to put on and we’re extremely board, so we put it up…