raxdador – n. the group of needless emails your boss sends out consistently everyday showing everyone what a good job people are doing when no one really cares to receive them.  The e-mails only serve to clutter up your e-mail box and everyone else’s, leading you to suspect that the important e-mails that you are sending out are being pushed down a list and not being read because people don’t know how to fucking sort their e-mail and don’t read e-mail they get as a result of getting so many e-mails in the first place.

Ex. The daily raxdadors I keep getting from Paul are really weighing in on my mental health.



molhino – n. a TV show that is available on-demand/streaming but only 90% of it is available and seemingly random episodes are unavailable on your primary service, so you have to watch the other episodes on some other streaming service if you can even find it

Ex. Quantum Leap is a molhino on Netflix.  I have to watch 4 episodes from each season on Hulu.