#23319: davepoobond -> Automatic Man

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During High School…

davepoobond: my backpack got jacked

davepoobond: during lunch

Automatic Man: LOL

davepoobond: when i was buying my lunch, i bet some kid thought it was his

davepoobond: but there wasn’t any extra backpacks out there

davepoobond: my cell phone, calculator, binder full of all the papers for the year so far, my english binder, and my english notebook are all gone

Automatic Man: that sux

davepoobond: i’m pretty much screwed on the next sociology test

Automatic Man: ya

davepoobond: and the next time my english teacher collects the notebooks

davepoobond: and my squackle notebook was in there too

davepoobond: its vucking gay

Automatic Man: ya

Automatic Man: ull get it back prlly

davepoobond: i dont know though

davepoobond: there wasn’t an extra backpack anywhere

davepoobond: that doesn’t really make sense does it

Automatic Man: the world doesnt

davepoobond: why would someone come back pick up their backpack and keep mine

davepoobond: unless they wanted to keep my shit

davepoobond: for some stupid reason

Automatic Man: ill give it back to you tomorrow

Automatic Man: 😛

davepoobond: did you seriously take it

davepoobond: i dont think you did

Automatic Man: no, i didn’t. and it sux that it was taken.

davepoobond: i had a lot of pens and markers too

davepoobond: and white out

davepoobond: and lead

Automatic Man: ya

davepoobond: scissors. my favorite scissors

davepoobond: my favorite calculator

Automatic Man: lol

davepoobond: my glasses case

Automatic Man: u had a fav.?>

davepoobond: yeah i have a favorite everything

davepoobond: i prefer the scientific calculator i had to a graphing calculator

Automatic Man: lo


Joy Luck Club (1989 Novel) Review

Re-purposing a school assignment I had in high school as a “review.”  I had answered the question below and turned it in as it reads below.

Do you like this book?  Why or why not?  If you did not like it, you need to be specific and tell me a reason other than it’s “girly.” Show me that you actually read some of it and THEN you decided that you didn’t like it as much as other books that you have read.  This question also implies that you are going to tell me what aspects of other books you DO like.

No, I do not like this book.

This book does not have a rewarding ending, nor does 200 pages of the book between Chapter 1 and Chapter 16 have anything to do with the main conflict of this book.

There is no resolution to any of the stories, and you never find out anything about what happens to anyone.  We learn about stupid things that happen to stupid people we don’t care about.  There are no crossovers in the story or much interaction between any of the different families, that would make us appreciate we know anything at all about these other characters.

When they do actually crossover in the story (I can only remember two times for actual interaction, and only a few times for naming) with anyone outside of their families, it isn’t worthwhile.  If they’re such good friends, shouldn’t they have made more of an impact on them?  I did not see that in this book, and I fail to believe that they really even are anything but flat, stereotypical women who have weird pasts, weird childhoods, and weird ways for coming to America.  All the mothers ever do is criticize Americans.

After I read the last chapter, it made me feel like I wasted many of my weekend hours I could have spent doing other things.



First Day of Working Out

Well, I started working out this week on Thursday.  It was sort of fun being able to do the exercises with someone else.  I’ve never really done exercises with anyone else and its good to have a friend there cause he can tell me what I’m doing wrong or tell me how to exercise more efficiently than I would otherwise.

I’m not a health guru or even that knowledgeable about things you can do in the gym so its nice to be able to have someone there.

Recently my mom has been drilling into me that I am almost thirty years old (I’m only 25), and practically telling me that I’m fat and unsuccessful.  She’s told me that she regretted sending me to college because my major has done nothing for me.  I think its terribly unfair that she says these things because she’s making it seem like my life is already over.  She says I have no ambition and that may be true, but ambition isn’t for everyone.  I don’t see how doing random things that she envisions me doing that I have no interest in doing dictates whether or not I have ambition or not.  The things I am ambitious about are all with the internet, with my web site and my ability to create, and that’s good enough for me.

In either case, it wasn’t so much of a wake-up call as it was just making myself better, and having enough of living the way I have been.  Yes, I want to make my mom stop telling me to lose weight and to stop poking and prodding me to getting a job, but if its not those things it’d be another.  That’s always how it’s been with her.  In high school when I wasn’t “dangerously” overweight (I was still overweight, I’ve always felt that way) it was me being on the computer too much or me spending too much time playing games, or whatever.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Those things haven’t directly affected anything in my life, and blaming anything but my own attitude and complacency would be a scapegoat.



1) mi vocabulary
2) Mi Gramatic
3) mi tarea

Discovered Room 102 unlocked told custodian earlier approximately

That rooms 202, Bal-E, 211 unlocked. He secured Bal-E & 211. I tried to secure door but couldn’t. A key is required.

Room 202 unlocked. Unable to scure. a key is required

Room 206 unlocked. Can’t secure

Room around corner from 206 through doorway across from mural unlocked I set off alarm after opening door


Quote #21258: Note to Mrs. Stickums

“Mrs. Stickums
I have a dentist appointment today at lunch so I can not do the project today at lunch so I was wondering if we could do it at lunch on Wednesday. because (scribbled out)

Bessy Cowtta


No-Sorry! Mrs. S

– a note found at davepoobond’s high school


Quote #21126: The Stars

A while ago, davepoobond drew some star thingies on the table at high school and the next day, there’s something written under them.  This all takes a really long time, because each message is on the table every other day.

Guy (that wrote on the table): “who drew these damn star thingys?”

davepoobond (writing on the table): “a hot girl, duh!”  (There is a heart over the I and as the period in the exclamation mark)

Next day…

Guy: “o shit.  that kicks ass
kinda at least”

davepoobond: “I take it in the ass, too!”  (There are hearts on the I’s and the exclamation mark)

Next day…

Guy: “that’s nasty but I’ll still do you =)”

davepoobond: “ok it’s a date.  Whats your name?”  (There are hearts on the I’s)

Next day…

Guy: “Mike, you?”

davepoobond: “Last name….?”  (There is a heart for the question mark’s period)

Next day…

Guy: “MIKE Andrews/whats ur nm”

At another place on the table there was a green marker mark, so I made it into an “I” and put “love youuuu” after it.

“Mike” puts “I Love You, too” below it.

davepoobond doesn’t respond to the main conversation this time, so the next day, the guy darkens in “whats your name?”

Mike (writing again): “what’s your name”

davepoobond doesn’t say anything for a long time.  After a while…

davepoobond: “my name is Candy Cane.”

The last part gets erased. Next time, davepoobond doesn’t see it.

Below all this writing davepoobond wrote “gay” with an arrow pointing towards the seat and under it.

“Mike” says…

Mike: “so? you got beef wt gay ppl?”

davepoobond: “who? You?”

Somewhere else on the table, someone wrote…


davepoobond then puts “is gay” under it, so it looks like:


And then the “STFU” appears, then “BLOW ME” appears.  It looks like…


davepoobond: “SUCK ME OFF!”

Next day…

Mike: “ok!”

davepoobond: “your MOMS ok!”

Next day…

Mike: “SWEET!”

davepoobond: “and sour…”

Next day…

Mike: “cream…

It got stupid, so I didn’t write anymore.


Quote #21115

::davepoobond pulls a Kleenex from a Kleenex box and candy wrappers come out, as he pulls more, more and more come out, and falls on the desk next to the box::

davepoobond: “someone put trash into the Kleenex box…”

::Dr. OldNBald silently comes over and picks up the trash and throws it away::

Dr. OldNBald: Don’t worry, I did NOT think you were smuggling candy into the room…”

– from davepoobond’s high school