Quote #21126: The Stars

A while ago, davepoobond drew some star thingies on the table at high school and the next day, there’s something written under them.  This all takes a really long time, because each message is on the table every other day.

Guy (that wrote on the table): “who drew these damn star thingys?”

davepoobond (writing on the table): “a hot girl, duh!”  (There is a heart over the I and as the period in the exclamation mark)

Next day…

Guy: “o shit.  that kicks ass
kinda at least”

davepoobond: “I take it in the ass, too!”  (There are hearts on the I’s and the exclamation mark)

Next day…

Guy: “that’s nasty but I’ll still do you =)”

davepoobond: “ok it’s a date.  Whats your name?”  (There are hearts on the I’s)

Next day…

Guy: “Mike, you?”

davepoobond: “Last name….?”  (There is a heart for the question mark’s period)

Next day…

Guy: “MIKE Andrews/whats ur nm”

At another place on the table there was a green marker mark, so I made it into an “I” and put “love youuuu” after it.

“Mike” puts “I Love You, too” below it.

davepoobond doesn’t respond to the main conversation this time, so the next day, the guy darkens in “whats your name?”

Mike (writing again): “what’s your name”

davepoobond doesn’t say anything for a long time.  After a while…

davepoobond: “my name is Candy Cane.”

The last part gets erased. Next time, davepoobond doesn’t see it.

Below all this writing davepoobond wrote “gay” with an arrow pointing towards the seat and under it.

“Mike” says…

Mike: “so? you got beef wt gay ppl?”

davepoobond: “who? You?”

Somewhere else on the table, someone wrote…


davepoobond then puts “is gay” under it, so it looks like:


And then the “STFU” appears, then “BLOW ME” appears.  It looks like…


davepoobond: “SUCK ME OFF!”

Next day…

Mike: “ok!”

davepoobond: “your MOMS ok!”

Next day…

Mike: “SWEET!”

davepoobond: “and sour…”

Next day…

Mike: “cream…

It got stupid, so I didn’t write anymore.

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