Quote #21258: Note to Mrs. Stickums

“Mrs. Stickums
I have a dentist appointment today at lunch so I can not do the project today at lunch so I was wondering if we could do it at lunch on Wednesday. because (scribbled out)

Bessy Cowtta


No-Sorry! Mrs. S

– a note found at davepoobond’s high school


Joke #18709

Fresh from a visit to the dentist, I decided to stop at my bank.

Barely able to enunciate, I told the teller, “I’m sorry about not speaking more clearly. I’ve had Novocaine.”

“You should have used the drive-through,” she said.


“Everyone who goes through sounds like you,” she explained.


Joke #18401

Our crew at an ambulance company works 24-hour shifts.  The sleeping quarters consist of a large room with several single beds, so we get to know one another’s habits, like who snores or talks in his sleep. While I was having my teeth examined by a dentist one day, he noticed that some of my teeth were chipped.

“It looks like you clench your jaw at night,” he said.

“No way,” I blurted without thinking. “No one has ever said I grind my teeth, and I sleep with a lot of people!”