Hate Mail #23006

Submitted through the Anti-Barney the Dinosaur Song submission form.

This form was submitted:  Nov 18 2003 / 14:24:24

name = Go Smoke A Toilet
song = What the f***
Put my stuff
On this motherf***ing site
Good God, Dave, why don’t you put my motherf***ing stuff
On this motherf***ing site?



Found this link today:


Thought it was hilarious that they were quoting and linking to one of the very old posts on the Squackle Bulletin Board during 2007.  I don’t have those forums operational or even accessible anymore, but here’s a few choice quotes about Squackle itself from the above link.

Here’s the story behind it  – http://www.squackle.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=submit;action=display;num=1157705918  

Fuck me I laughed when I saw it…..

I think the golden rule is, if you see something on a place called Squackle that claims to be ‘THE FUNNIEST WEBSITE ON THE NET’, it’s probably not a good idea to post it on CaB. Especially, y’know, when it’s lazily slapped together bigoted shit. I don’t think even Kevin Bloody Wilson performs material that bad any more.

Expect it to appear on Squackle before elevenses.

Luckily, a new user to Squackle has voiced my thoughts for me on the site:

Quote from: “Cake”


As far as I’m concerned, the quality (or lack thereof) of the mong is immaterial.  Abbo is a purely pejorative term and is going to stick in my (and most folks) craw as much as any of the equivalents.  Sorry, Sadness, linking to a thread where people are laughing at them for looking like monkeys isn’t much of a get-out.

A great reply:


Fuck you! Come here to crit the site, the owner of this site is cool this site is cool and the people who post here are cool. Where is your ultra cool site douchebag? If ya don’t like it then why are ya here?

Nobody tell him…


Srry dave but my cuz is black I hang with him every weekend and I got this fuck talkin about me being a racist.

If he’s not a racist, why does he only hang with him at weekends?!?  Eh?!  Eh?!


Well fuck you go home and eat yourself cake! It’s fucking humor cock face!

“It’s only a bit of fun!!!”


Luckily, a new user to Squackle has voiced my thoughts for me on the site:

That is me.  I joined as soon as i could and put a few posts down around the forum. UNfortunately i told them that the site had no talent compared to B3ta or here.


Bad Submission #22920

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This form was submitted:  May 08 2004 / 22:36:19

name = the killer
email =
use_email = no
song = tic tac toe 3 in a row barney got shot by a ji i joe moma called the doctor and said oops! barneys dead shot in the head  squirting out red! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


Hate Mail #22844

Submitted through Quicky Joke submission form.

This form was submitted:  Jun 05 2005 / 00:08:12

email = heydontemailme@aol,com
use_email = no


Bad Submission #22755

This form was submitted:  Sep 23 2003 / 08:43:28

name = Go Smoke A Toilet
type = Poems
title = Xylophone pieces
submission = Gi gi gi gi gi gi gi gi gi gi wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…gi gi gi gi gi gi gi woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…anyone hear me yet?  can I get a w00t w00t…w00t w00t…w00t w00t…ride wit me…ugh…I think I’m gonna go to the bathroom now…ahhhh…that feels good.  Yes.  No.  Maybe.  Why?  I don’t know.  Should I know?  A few bad apples ruin the bunch.  Throw a crumpled car out of the airplane window and SHOVE IT…SHOVE IT…SHOVE IT…SHOVE IT WHEN I’M TALKIN TO YOU!!!  Clip out the newspaper article of the eon.  EeEeEeEeEeon.  Why did I do this?  This is a pooooooooeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmm.  Deal with it.  I can make it however I want!!!  Hahahahahahaha…you don’t stand a chance against me!!!   Lookin’ for fights, eh?  Well, you tell those whackos in tights to get outta my bar and stop singing as if they’re in a movie!!!



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Hate Mail #22173

In response to http://squackle.com/22014/screwed-up-chronicles/knights-of-mayhem-tv-show-review/

Someone had shared the post with their friend “Ron” and he had sent this back as a response to me…

From: Ron

Subject: Re: [Shared Post] Knights of Mayhem (TV Show) Review

I’m willing to bet that the guy that wrote this is a un-muscled, non-competative type that has never risked anything other than his opinion, his verbal diaria, or his know-it-all attitude all his life. So men who climb mountains, run rapids, play footbal for free, jump horses, ride in Rodio’s must all be
losers in this guys book. Guess we must  add hockey players to the mix. Some men love challenge. If I was still the man I used to be, I’d jump at the chance to do this, just to be able to sit at a table with the kind of men that have the kind of balls to try and do it. That’s whats clearly missing
in the man that wrote the critique. Ron