Funny Ways to Say You’re Leaving

Don’t you ever get bored of just saying “bye”?  Well, now you have a list of exciting things to say instead!  If you have more of these, leave a comment!

  • Make like a tree and leaf.
  • Make like a chainsaw and cut out.
  • Make like a spider and bug out.
  • Make like a rock and roll.
  • Make like a Shepard and get the flock out.
  • Make like a banana and peel out.
  • Make like Knott’s Berry Farm and jam.
  • Make like an atom and split.
  • Make like a fetus and bust out of this mother.
  • I’m out like a trout!
  • Make like a ball and bounce.

10 thoughts on “Funny Ways to Say You’re Leaving”

  1. Funnily, I had actually posted a similar list like this back in 2008 which got virtually 0 hits. This page is much more popular and I joined the two lists and kept this one, mostly because it actually had comments.

  2. Let’s make like Tom and cruise.

    Let’s make like a snail and escargot

    Let’s make like a hippie and peace

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