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Weather Report

Here is tomorrow’s weather report for Iraq and vicinity.  Early tomorrow a tit front will collide with a mass of hot cum moving from the north.  This means we can expect Blowing winds and occasional orgasms by late afternoon.  Wind velocity will be 69 mph and the high temperature should be around 98.6 degrees.  So, if you’re going out, you’d better wear a bra.

Holmes’ Sayings for a Conversation

These are good to use if you want to spark up a conversation but don’t know what to say!


1. “Hey, are you circumcised?”

2. “Nice shirt, I saw one exactly like that at the salvation army”

3. “Hey, would you like to start a sexual relationship?”

4. “You don’t know me but will you marry me?”

5. “You might not remember me but that’s because of all the booze you drank last night.”

6. “My friend told me you were nice and good in bed”

7. “So what do you think, Cheese Whiz or Cheese sticks?”

8. “Can I follow you home?”

9. “Hey, I’m doing a poll: Do you wear protection?”

10. “Can I come over to your house and eat one time?”

11. “Are you a lonely puristic loyal Caucasian women?”

12. “Do I have anything up my nose?”

13. “Can I touch your body or do you want to touch mine? Tell you what, we’ll flip a coin for it.”

14. “Have you ever herd of this thing called ‘The Internet'”?

15. “Hey, how much do you make every month?”

16. “Don’t look at me like that!”

17. “Hola, yo estoy hablar en un lingua romantica.”

18. “Stop touching me in my private areas!”

19. “I’m related to Bill Gates.”

20. “So you look more beautiful up close then from the treetop near your bathroom.”