You Know You’re Living In the Past If…

You know you’re living in the past if:

…You think children are to be seen and not heard.

…Detroit stopped making parts for your car ten years ago.

…The last time you went to the movies, they were still censoring people who kissed each other on the mouth.

…You think the most suggestive dance you ever saw is the Twist.

…You think the family car belongs to the parents.

…You think a picket line is a fence.


PTA Protest at a School

About 20 stupid parents are protesting because theirs and other stupid kids break their arms while playing on the “horizontal ladder” in the “equipment” (with all the slides and stuff like that) that is worth $43,175 and the rubber is actually “causing the broken arms” when they fall, and the protesters say that wood chip mulch crap is better than the rubber.

I say its the dumbass kids’ fault, for being a dumbass and falling off the damn ladder! the parents are protesting so that the school doesn’t replace the rubber with the same rubber stuff. the wood chips would just make it a harder fall, and jam into their bodies when they fell down. oh yeah, thats a lot better…stupid 20 dumbasses! TEACH YOUR DAMN KIDS TO NOT FALL OFF A LADDER! That sure shows where they’ll be going in the future, if you ask me…they climb the ladder, but when they’re at the top, they fall and break their damn puny arms!