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Quote #22377

davepoobond, getting off work, walks toward home.  He hears an owl sound, and Cory is sitting on a bench looking at davepoobond.

davepoobond: “What, are you perched like an owl?  What are you doing?”

Cory:  “I’m waiting for…”

Cory turns around, and we both look in the same direction to the right.

Cory: “…her, actually.”

In the next instant, Monze takes a huge spill and does a somersault off her bike, because she hit the corner of a low wall trying to avoid hitting some girls that were on their phone.

Cory and davepoobond look at each other all weird and think that she might be hurt, but she gets up and seems fine.

It was hilarious because it was almost comically timed.

– at davepoobond’s work location