WoW Chat #22439: davepoobond -> Spoonpie

Spoonpie is trying to sell a Magic Rooster Egg in Trade Chat (a rare mount).

So I whisper him with my bid…

davepoobond: 20k

Spoonpie: what?

davepoobond: final offer

Spoonpie: ur an idiot

davepoobond: what

Spoonpie: i have n offer for 250k

Spoonpie: and ur offering me 20k?

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: because you still havent taken the 250k and you’re calling me an idiot

davepoobond: so it must not exist since your’e still trying to sell it

Spoonpie: because clearly i can get more?

davepoobond: clearly

Spoonpie: how about u open trade with me

Spoonpie: then we sill see ho is the poor idiot

davepoobond: ok sure

Spoonpie: on ur wy to IF?

Spoonpie: SW*

davepoobond: no, you can come to me


WoW Chat #22437: Kissandkillu -> davepoobond

I was posting this in Trade Chat:

“Tired of spending like 3 minutes or more on a typical heroic dungeon boss? Sick of seeing baddie dps doing less damage than the healer? Queue with a 402 ilvl dps! 100g/each normal or heroic dungeon. PST for invite!”

Kissandkillu: is that a guild invigte?

davepoobond: a what now

Kissandkillu: what?

Kissandkillu: do you wish for a g iviite

davepoobond: i have a sick

Kissandkillu: ??

Kissandkillu: lol do I know you

davepoobond: yes

Kissandkillu: then I wish you love and tons of happniess


WoW Chat #22436: Invisibad -> davepoobond

In Trade:

davepoobond: WTS  [Knotted Handwraps] 125g

Invisibad: il lgive ya 50

Invisibad: il lgive ya 50

davepoobond: nah

Invisibad: 60?

davepoobond: 125

davepoobond: its 150 on the ah

Invisibad: now ur stretching it ill go 85

davepoobond: im not stretching it, that was the original price

Invisibad: check my lvl

Invisibad: ok?

I do a /who and sees that he is level 45…

Invisibad:  iaint rich homie

davepoobond: well, i am

davepoobond: and id rather keep it than sell at that price

Invisibad: lol hunter leather

davepoobond: yes, lol 😛

davepoobond: cause i would never have an alt rogue


WoW Chat #22366: Gotswagger -> davepoobond

I am on a level 78 Death Knight, and a level 85 hunter whispers me…

Gotswagger: 2v2?

davepoobond: whosajiggawhat?

Gotswagger: well?

davepoobond: yeah ok

Gotswagger: tight!

Gotswagger invites me to a group.  A minute goes by, then he removes me from the group.  20 seconds later he invites me again, obviously trying to add me to his arena team to no success.

Gotswagger: not high enough

davepoobond: im really high

Gotswagger: lol


WoW Chat #22365: Glowann -> davepoobond

A level 60 hunter sees me on my Death Knight flying the Death Knight-only flying mount (meaning hunters cannot get that mount)…

Glowann: how do you get one of those?

Glowann: (flying mounts)

davepoobond: i bought it

Glowann: were

davepoobond: acherus

Glowann: and thats?

davepoobond: what

Glowann: were is acherus?

davepoobond: epl

Glowann: ty

Glowann: what level do you need to befor it?

Glowann: (flying mount)

Glowann: were in acherus?

davepoobond: vendor

Glowann: in the in the sky

davepoobond: ya

Glowann: dead commander thalanor?

davepoobond: idk

Glowann: whats the mount called?

davepoobond: [Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade]

Glowann: i can’t fined it

Glowann: 🙁

Glowann: ;(

Glowann: do you know were i can buy a dragon mount

Glowann: ?

davepoobond: no

Glowann: :/

Glowann: ty


WoW Chat #22364: Edwarto -> davepoobond

In trade chat I say:

davepoobond: WTS [Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror] pst offer

davepoobond: WTS [Flintrock Shoulders] – xmog gear 100g

And in whispers I get….

Edwarto: il buy it

Edwarto: il buy it

davepoobond: which one

Edwarto: the thing your selling

davepoobond: [Flintrock Shoulders]?

Edwarto: the thing u had on trade chat

davepoobond: [Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror]?

Edwarto: u know the one u had on trade chat u were advertising

davepoobond: yeah i put two items

davepoobond: those two

Edwarto: ya il take the one

davepoobond: you sure? the one that you want might not be the one that you want

davepoobond: it might be even two things in one

Edwarto: how much for it

davepoobond: depending on what the one thing is

davepoobond: well, depends on what one thing you want

davepoobond: do you want the thing that is one thing or the one thing that is two things

davepoobond: do you want the shoulders or the mace


WoW Chat #22143

In Trade Chat…

Neckslicerr: how do u get a girl thats really pretty to like u

davepoobond: go after her legs like the cake you ate

Neckslicerr: ?

Neckslicerr: wow really

Neckslicerr: your funny

davepoobond: i wanna let you know that i am ready to go

Neckslicerr: your fat.

davepoobond: i come around when you least expect me, when your glass is empty


WoW Chat #22142: davepoobond -> Sanydiusw

Sanydiusw is selling rare mounts in trade.

davepoobond: ill buy it for 10k

Sanydiusw: lol no thanks

davepoobond: how much for magic rooster egg then???

Sanydiusw: Cash

davepoobond: whats that

Sanydiusw: $

davepoobond: gold?

Sanydiusw: No

davepoobond: ??

davepoobond: can i trade you a copy of death to all humans: big willy unleashed

Sanydiusw: only real money.:(

davepoobond: and a flask of winds

Sanydiusw: Sorry.:P

Sanydiusw: sorry

davepoobond: what are you sorry for

Sanydiusw: coz we selling them in $.:)

davepoobond: who is we???

Sanydiusw: dollars

davepoobond: who

Sanydiusw: our company.:)

davepoobond: what is a that

Sanydiusw: i am a gold seller

davepoobond: i thought you said you dont want gold?

davepoobond: i have a sick

davepoobond: i need god to fix to my visa


WoW Chat #21934: Slevinn -> davepoobond

In trade chat…

[2] [davepoobond]: i am almost at 3 million gold

Slevinn: how do you make so much gold

Slevinn: i will give you a bj for a million

davepoobond: r u a grl

Slevinn: yes

davepoobond: how big r ur boobs

Slevinn: 34c

davepoobond: what is the psi of your mouth

Slevinn: i have no gage reflex

davepoobond: psi!

davepoobond: pounds/square inch

Slevinn: is that like sucking pressure or what

davepoobond: yes

Slevinn: more then you can handle

davepoobond: sounds interesting

davepoobond: how much experience do you have

Slevinn: enough

davepoobond: do you have any personal references

Slevinn: haha not that play wow

davepoobond: i see…

davepoobond: i have inside sources that say 34c is small, do you beg to differ?

Slevinn: yeah

davepoobond: are there any extra addons

Slevinn: 4

davepoobond: 4 what

davepoobond: i meant like perks

davepoobond: what makes you different from the competition

davepoobond: 34c isnt small, its a nice size

davepoobond: i looked it up on google


WoW Chat #21923: davepoobond -> Edierit

In trade:

[2] [Edierit]: wts [Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger] [Reins of the Spectral Tiger] [Vial of the Sands]

davepoobond: how much for spectral

Edierit: [Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger]460$ [Reins of the Spectral Tiger]320$ [Vial of the Sands]55$

davepoobond: 460 gold?

Edierit: nono

davepoobond: what do you mean then??? i only have gold???

Edierit: sorry,enjoy your time

davepoobond: hello?

davepoobond: please cod it to me for 460 gold

Edierit: nono

davepoobond: why not????

davepoobond: you want 460 gold for it?

Edierit: i need money ,dude

davepoobond: but gold is money??

Edierit: is real money,i want ,im poor

davepoobond: why are you poor

Edierit: i have no job ,so

Edierit: goodbye man,enjoy your time

davepoobond: but your job is warlock?


WoW Chat #21922

[2] [Sassypantss]: you’re laughing at people because you don’t know what you’re talking about? good call

[2] [Proxx]: i don’t? ok bud funny thing is the priest is OVER hit capp, laugh at him

[2] [davepoobond]: thats not very funny

He then whispers me…

Proxx: really?