WoW Chat #22437: Kissandkillu -> davepoobond

I was posting this in Trade Chat:

“Tired of spending like 3 minutes or more on a typical heroic dungeon boss? Sick of seeing baddie dps doing less damage than the healer? Queue with a 402 ilvl dps! 100g/each normal or heroic dungeon. PST for invite!”

Kissandkillu: is that a guild invigte?

davepoobond: a what now

Kissandkillu: what?

Kissandkillu: do you wish for a g iviite

davepoobond: i have a sick

Kissandkillu: ??

Kissandkillu: lol do I know you

davepoobond: yes

Kissandkillu: then I wish you love and tons of happniess

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