WoW Chat #22436: Invisibad -> davepoobond

In Trade:

davepoobond: WTS  [Knotted Handwraps] 125g

Invisibad: il lgive ya 50

Invisibad: il lgive ya 50

davepoobond: nah

Invisibad: 60?

davepoobond: 125

davepoobond: its 150 on the ah

Invisibad: now ur stretching it ill go 85

davepoobond: im not stretching it, that was the original price

Invisibad: check my lvl

Invisibad: ok?

I do a /who and sees that he is level 45…

Invisibad:  iaint rich homie

davepoobond: well, i am

davepoobond: and id rather keep it than sell at that price

Invisibad: lol hunter leather

davepoobond: yes, lol 😛

davepoobond: cause i would never have an alt rogue

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