WoW Chat #22364: Edwarto -> davepoobond

In trade chat I say:

davepoobond: WTS [Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror] pst offer

davepoobond: WTS [Flintrock Shoulders] – xmog gear 100g

And in whispers I get….

Edwarto: il buy it

Edwarto: il buy it

davepoobond: which one

Edwarto: the thing your selling

davepoobond: [Flintrock Shoulders]?

Edwarto: the thing u had on trade chat

davepoobond: [Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror]?

Edwarto: u know the one u had on trade chat u were advertising

davepoobond: yeah i put two items

davepoobond: those two

Edwarto: ya il take the one

davepoobond: you sure? the one that you want might not be the one that you want

davepoobond: it might be even two things in one

Edwarto: how much for it

davepoobond: depending on what the one thing is

davepoobond: well, depends on what one thing you want

davepoobond: do you want the thing that is one thing or the one thing that is two things

davepoobond: do you want the shoulders or the mace

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